It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come! In 1969, SmartPractice started out as as a small, family-owned dental postcard company in Phoenix, Arizona. Fifty years later, we’re humbled and proud to have evolved into a leader in world health.

While we celebrate this special milestone, we look forward to creating another 50 years of healthier practices and healthier patients. Here’s how we’re making it easier for practitioners to focus on patient care for better world health:

NEW Strategies for Healthier Practices and Healthier Patients

Our current focus is developing in-house products to help practitioners in the dental, veterinary and healthcare industries:

  • improve treatment compliance
  • increase active patient counts
  • promote easier access to contact dermatitis patch testing and training

With all the growth we’ve experienced over the past 50 years, SmartPractice still holds to a number of core values. Among these values are integrity, preventive health, and creating the “WOW” for customers.

Speaking of “WOW,” here’s how our Corporate Brochure sums up what our customers mean to us:

“Customers come first for us. Everything we do is designed to help our customers be smarter and more successful. We strive to make every interaction a customer has with us easy, convenient and straightforward…”

Looking ahead, we will expand our in-house product offerings to support single and multi-location dental practices, in addition to veterinary and healthcare practitioners.

Future goals also include promoting easier:

For the next five decades, SmartPractice looks forward to growing our reputation as a leader in world health. We’re continuing to innovate solutions for a healthier world by supporting better, faster patient care around the globe.

Curious about how we can support you with your practice growth goals? Contact us today for a FREE consultation.