Running a dental practice comes with a myriad of responsibilities, and even simple tasks, like choosing the right envelopes for mailing statements can feel overwhelming. With countless options and intricate details to navigate, it’s easy to become frustrated and uncertain about which envelope will best suit your needs.

Imagine sending out a batch of statements only to find them returned because the address didn’t align correctly, or worse, patient information wasn’t adequately protected. The right envelope isn’t just a minor detail—it’s crucial for ensuring that statements arrive on time, in perfect condition and that your practice maintains its professional image while safeguarding patient confidentiality.

This guide is here to eliminate the confusion and provide clear, straightforward advice. It will walk you through the steps to select the perfect envelopes for your practice and offer tailored suggestions for a few widely used dental practice management systems. We’ve also included practical tips for testing to ensure your envelopes work seamlessly with your software and meet all USPS guidelines.

Why Envelope Selection Matters

The envelope is often the first impression your patients get from your practice. A properly selected envelope ensures that:

  • The address fits within the window perfectly, adhering to postal guidelines
  • The overall presentation is clean and professional
  • Statements arrive without any issues or delays

Key Factors in Choosing the Right Envelope

  1. Software Compatibility:
    • Different dental practice management software (PMS) generates statements with varying layout requirements
    • Envelopes need to match the window placement to ensure the address shows correctly
  2. Window Placement:
    • Window envelopes for mailing statements allow the recipient’s address printed on the statement to show through, saving time and reducing errors
    • Proper window placement ensures compliance with USPS regulations, avoiding delays or returned mail
  3. Envelope Size and Style:
    • Standard sizes like #9 and #10 are commonly used for mailing statements
    • Security tinting and self-sealing features add to the functionality and security of your mailings

Understanding USPS Requirements

To ensure your mailings meet USPS guidelines, the address visible through the envelope window must adhere to specific measurements:

    1. Window Placement:
      • Distance from the Left Edge: The window must start at least 1/2 inch from the left edge of the envelope
      • Distance from the Bottom Edge: The bottom of the window should be no less than 5/8 inch from the bottom edge of the envelope
    1. Address Block Requirements:
      • Height: The address must fit within a block that is no more than 1-1/4 inches high
      • Width: The address must fit within a block that is no more than 4 inches wide
      • Clear Space: There should be at least 1/8 inch of clear space around the address
    1. Font Size and Style:
      • The text should be clear and legible, with a font size typically between 10 to 12 points
      • Use a sans-serif font to ensure readability by postal scanners

These measurements are critical to ensure that the address is properly read and processed by USPS sorting equipment, preventing delays and returns.

Guide to Envelopes for Widely Used Dental Software

Let’s explore the best options for the three widely used practice management software programs:


  • Recommended Envelope: #10 Dual Window
  • Adjustment Tips: Dentrix allows you to adjust the statement templates so the addresses align perfectly with the envelope windows; you can do this easily in the statement setup options by adjusting the margins and text placement

How to Adjust Templates in Dentrix:

  1. Open the statement module and go to the settings
  2. Use the “Customize Template” feature to move the address block so it fits within the envelope windows
  3. Print a test statement to ensure alignment is perfect


  • Recommended Envelope:  #9 Dual Window
  • Adjustment Tips: Within Eaglesoft, you can adjust the margins and layout in the statement setup to ensure the address aligns with the envelope window; the software makes it simple to tweak these settings until you get a perfect fit

How to Adjust Templates in Eaglesoft:

  1. Go to the statement setup screen in Eaglesoft
  2. Use the margin and layout tools to position the address correctly
  3. Preview the statement and test with an envelope to confirm the address is visible

Open Dental

  • Recommended Envelope: #10 Single Window 
  • Adjustment Tips: Open Dental provides a document designer where you can customize the placement of the address; this tool allows you to drag and drop the address block to align perfectly with your envelope window

How to Adjust Templates in Open Dental:

  1. Open the document designer in Open Dental
  2. Drag and drop the address block to position it within the window area
  3. Print a sample statement and check it against your envelope to ensure alignment


Choosing the right envelopes for mailing statements can be daunting, but it’s crucial for the efficiency and professionalism of your practice’s mailings. By following this guide and selecting envelopes tailored to your software, you can simplify your process and ensure every statement reaches your patients without a hitch.

Explore our wide range of envelopes to find the perfect fit for your practice today, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer care team at 800.522.0800 for assistance. Visit to shop all envelopes for your dental practice today!