At SmartPractice, we’re here to help you prepare for more practice growth in 2019. That means giving you the best ROI on every Patient/Client Communication, Promotional Product and Office Supply you buy.

This is your year to enjoy more active patients and clients in more ways! Here’s how.veterinary-practice-pets

1. Prepare for better retention and fill your schedule with Appointment and Reminder Cards.

Hand an Appointment Card out to every patient or client post-appointment. Better yet, create a Custom Card to build your brand while filling your schedule.

Then, mail Reminder Cards before they’re due for their next visits. Add coupons, referral requests and more to your cards to grow your active patient counts.

2. Leverage personalized promotional products to keep your practice top-of-mind.

No matter what your practice or your target market, we can help you stock up on the exact promotional items that will build loyalty and open the door to referrals in 2019.

  • Running a dental practice? Lip Balm is a patient favorite! Choose from a variety of flavors, styles and high-quality ingredients to keep patients engaged.
  • Are you a veterinary professional? Leads are a low-cost, high value way to display practice information between visits, while ensuring safe pet transfer.
  • Do you work in a medical or complementary health organization? Magnets ensure your name sticks wherever they’re displayed, while pens keep your practice information at your patients’ and clients’ fingertips.

3. Boost your active patient and client counts with Supply Bags.

Supply Bags offer a convenient way to engage more active patients and clients. Increase brand exposure when you create your one-of-a-kind Custom design, complete with your logo and practice information!

Hand a bag out to every patient and client post-visit and keep some handy for events. Add review requests to your bags to generate more client reviews and referrals.

4. Mail and hand out Calendars to create affordable, year round practice exposure.

Busy patients and clients love Calendars to stay organized all year long. These marketing must-haves display your practice information where your target market frequents the most—inspiring more return visits and referrals.

  • Calendars come in several styles so they’re easy to pair with your patient/client communications and practice marketing.
  • Hand Calendars out at events, give them away post-appointment and slip them into  Welcome, Birthday and Thank You Cards for great ROI.

5. Add review and referral requests plus special offers to get EVEN BETTER ROI on your practice marketing.

Attract and retain more new clients when you add these solutions to your client communications and marketing campaigns.

  • Online Review and Patient/Client Referral products including our compelling selection of 5-Star Review and Referral Slips, Signs, and Cards inspire current clients to review and refer to your practice—attracting more new clients.
  • Don’t forget to add special offers, new services and loyalty program information to your Reminder, Birthday, Welcome and Thank You Cards for better case acceptance and more return visits.

When used regularly, these 5 tips can help you feel more confident as you head into 2019. We look forward to helping you prepare for a successful New Year!

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