Patient Communications is one of the most difficult skills to get right. Between delivering treatment and keeping a dental office running smoothly… there’s only so much time and bandwidth in a day to keep your patient communications on track.

What would you do if you didn’t have to remember to send out recall and reminder campaigns?

How much time and money would you save if you had exactly the right message at the right time to send to ALL your patients?

How many holes would you fill in your schedule if you could send patient communications automatically?

PracticeMojo is here to take the hassle out of patient communications so you save time and money and can focus on patient care.

PracticeMojo automates your Patient Communications so you can:

  • reduce no-shows through your recall and reminder campaigns
  • retain more patients
  • improve treatment compliance

Read on to learn 3 ways PracticeMojo can help you improve your patient communications for more practice growth!

3 Ways PracticeMojo works hard for your practice growth.

  1. Offering a FREE 12-month Patient Communications Calendar. In this 12-month calendar, you’ll receive:
  • A complete list of dental-specific and national holidays each month
  • Advice and ideas on what to promote to patients each month to deliver timely, relevant, and effective communications throughout the year
  • Three pre-written social media post ideas each month to engage with patients and their networks each month

Download your Dental Communication Strategy Calendar today.

  1. Reaching 100% of your patients through ReachAll Dental Recall. PracticeMojo’s automated ReachAll Dental Recall system provides a customizable and personalized approach to help you recall patients via:
  • Individual, group, and family text messages
  • Automated email and pre-built campaigns
  • Automated phone calls and voicemails
  • Personalized postcards

To give you more control and flexibility, your dental office can customize when you send patient communications on both a group and individual level.

  1. Automated Reminder Calls, including family messaging. While calls are automated, they sound friendly and natural—creating the feeling of a personable connection. Each call is personalized and includes the patient’s name with appointment-specific details to ensure a professional and effective message. Plus, you can set up families to receive a single appointment reminder where appropriate to eliminate redundant messages.

If you’re struggling to fill your schedule, PracticeMojo can help by taking the guesswork out of sending consistent, effective patient communications. Contact us today for a FREE demonstration.