Helpful guidelines to Refresh your Dental Website

Which web page on your dental website do you think is the most popular? “Meet the Doctor” beats all other pages hands down. In a potential patient’s eyes, who you are is more important than what you do. Getting to know the doctor, who they are and where they’re from, can help ease the anxiety associated with
choosing a new dentist. Go to your website and read your Meet the Doctor page. Is it vague? Lacking in personal content? Is there a current photo? Time to “spring clean” your website and update your Meet the Doctor page.

Lead With Family, Community Events, Military Service, Or Your Heritage.

A well-written bio can be the difference between getting a new patient and having them choose another dentist. Make sure your bio links to your work email, Facebook page or other relevant links.

Don’t Lead With Where You Went To School; Leave This For The End.

Although important, it doesn’t tell the reader anything about what kind of person you are and that is what they’re looking for.
dental website

Include Relevant Photos.

Caution: not all photos deserve to be on your website. Be sure that photos are professionally taken, sharp, and easily identifiable.

Review Your Testimonials.

Make sure you have current 2013 testimonials from Google Places,, and other rating software. Remember: People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it!

Coordinated Patient Communications

Create a recognizable brand identity for your practice by using the same design on all your patient communications, including Laser Cards, Recall Postcards, Appointment Cards, Supply Bags, Magnets and more. Patients will think of you every time they see your unique image.

Branding your practice with a high quality website and patient communications from SmartPractice can easily communicate your company’s values, principles, message, and even characteristics to current and potential new patients. As patients learn to trust your brand your practice will be the first they think of when asked for a referral from friends and family.

What other ideas have you found that work to help clean up your dental website?