Why Facebook is a critical part of dental marketing?

A share or a “like” is a referral. When one of your patients shares or “likes” your photo, status update or promotion, all of their friends get an update in their news feed. This is free advertising from your current patients. Your only job? Create content worth sharing.

Timeline Cover Photo

A Facebook Timeline cover photo is a large horizontal image that appears striped across the top of each user’s profile page. In most cases it will be the first thing a patient will see when they come to
your page. If you are lacking a Timeline cover photo or haven’t updated your image in a while spring cleaning is the perfect time. Your Timeline cover photo is meant to make a visual statement about your
practice quickly and effectively.

What does your Timeline cover photo say about your brand? Take note and compare your Timeline cover photo to your local dental office competitors. For most practices it is appropriate to include pictures of the


doctor and staff, the inviting outside of building, impressive interior amenities or all of the above. Just be sure your image quickly explains one or more of your practices marketable attributes.

mojo facebook timeline image


Timeline Profile Photos

This is the image that appears every time you make a status update. This becomes the icon of how your brand is represented on Facebook. This could be your logo or an image of the doctor. Look at your Facebook page now.

Does your Timeline profile photo look like it belongs with your Timeline cover photo? Presenting your brand professionally is noticeable. Presenting your brand unprofessionally is significantly more noticeable. If you are struggling with Facebook images—it’s ok! SmartPractice has a team ready to help you out.

Regular updates – Weekly at minimum

Nothing is more of a turn-off in the social space than an outdated, abandoned Facebook page. Posting regular updates (at least weekly) keeps your practice not only in front of your patients, but also keeps your practice projecting a positive image to prospective patients.

Among other things, PracticeMojo Facebook Pro Solution (call 800.556.2580 for details) includes regular status update ideas for you to post on your page that are designed to be shared and engaging with patients.

Update your Facebook About Section

When was the last time you looked at the “About You” section on your Facebook profile? If you can’t remember, then it is time you take a look. You might be surprised to see that your phone number is available. You can delete it or make it visible to only you. Remember that quote you found funny a few years ago? It may have lost its humorous effect with time. You can add or delete quotes and any information in your About section can be updated.

What’s the best way to use Facebook for dental marketing?

Create something worth sharing. Social media revolves around people sharing and networking. From new team members to fun dress up days during Halloween, Facebook is the ideal place to share these updates. People like hearing about your accomplishments and community outreach. Are you sharing these milestones? Take pictures of your team and post with a weekly status update to truly engage with those that “Like” your dental practice and watch your referrals increase. Next time a patient’s friend posts a Facebook status update of “I need a new dentist in our neighborhood – any recommendations appreciated!”—you’ll know your patients can have an easily accessible Facebook page to share (that won’t look abandoned.

Yes, Facebook can be easier!

PracticeMojo Facebook Solution
The PracticeMojo Facebook Pro Solution not only includes a one-of-a-kind design, but more importantly includes regular Facebook post ideas that are designed to be engaging and sharable. Likewise, the Facebook Pro promotion app allows you to quickly create quarterly promotions your current patients will love to share with their friends and family.