Why Multi-Location Practices Should Utilize Custom Design and Print

Let’s face it, managing multiple practice locations can get complicated. When one person from each office is responsible for ordering branded print products, that sense of brand cohesiveness can get lost. And, did you know that serious practice growth and cohesive brand identity go hand-in-hand?

With multi-location practices on the rise, now more than ever, healthcare practitioners need a strategic partner focused on helping scale each practice’s location while maintaining brand integrity and keeping costs down.

Here at SmartPractice, we’re in the business of making it easier for practitioners to focus on patient and client care. For over 50 years, we have proudly served the healthcare industry as a centralized distributor of practice growth tools. Let SmartPractice make your brand identity shine! We’re here to help you extend your reach and grow your multi-location practices through your brand.


4 Ways Multi-Locations Can Use Custom Design and Print

From your logo(s) to your marketing strategy, your brand identity is complex. Simplify how you build each location’s brand identity when you do the following:

1. Enhance your brand identity with a Custom Logo(s).

The first and most important step to developing a brand identity is to create a logo that conveys what makes your practice unique to attract your ideal patients or clients. Our Custom Design Team will take your needs and ideas into consideration when creating your professional logo(s) for every practice location you have. Having a Custom Logo for your multi-location practices is a critical way to help your brand identity stand out, whether you have one logo for all locations or unique logos for each.

2. Choose from 1000s of high-quality products to showcase your logo.

Once you have your logo in hand, put it on everything. Don’t limit it to business cards and letterhead. Put your unique brand into action on practice essentials for office communications and promotional items. And do this at each practice in order to build brand equity across all locations. Some of our customers’ favorite ways to display their logos are:

  • Referral Slips: Give patients a tangible way to share your name. Referral Slips may be the first marketing piece referrals will see from your practice, so it’s important to set the right tone from the get-go. Your logo should be featured front and center. Make that first impression count!
  • Promotional Giveaways: You’ll want your logo featured on all our high-quality promotional items from Supply Bags to Lip Balm and everything in between. Your patients will associate top-notch giveaways with the excellent care you provide.
  • Social Media: Your patients or clients can easily identify your social media accounts for when you feature your logo across all your social media channels. That means more likes, shares, follows and retweets for you!

3. Enhance your online reputation.

Consistent and glowing online reviews are one of the most powerful ways to build a cohesive brand identity. A slew of 5-star reviews will make you stand out from the crowd, but it can be challenging to ask for them, especially across multiple locations. Products such as Review Signs, Postcards, and even Supply Bags make it easy for you to ask patients or clients from every location to review your practice online.

Insider tip: Always ask how patients’ experience was at the end of every appointment. This way, you can resolve any issues before they leave your office and avoid the dreaded negative review!

4. Build your referral network to create a cohesive brand identity.

Connect with other complementary business owners in your area such as physicians, physical therapists and beauticians (great if you practice cosmetic dentistry!) Custom Rack Cards are ideal for leaving at the reception desk of a nearby clinic or salon so you can create a cohesive brand identity across all locations in your community.

It’s easier than ever to boost your dental brand identity when you partner with SmartPractice.

Think you can’t afford to have a professionally developed brand? You can’t afford not to! Request a FREE consultation today to learn how we can help build your brand with 1000s of high-quality products!