Does your dental marketing plan include a ‘Spring Cleaning’ plan? It should! Spring time is the perfect time to reach deep into your patient file to reactivate lapsed patients, identify inactive patients and find sources of hidden revenue. In part 1 of this series we’ll talk about Lists, Cards & effective messages to gain interest, market, and convert lapsed or inactive patients.

The SmartPractice Dental Practice Marketing Spring Guide is the complete guide to successful dental marketing with sections dedicated to patient promotions, local events, updating your office, spring cleaning your online profiles, tracking performance, as well as insider only offers. This week we are going to focus on best practices to ensure maximum response rates! Let’s get started!

Goals of a Dental Marketing Spring Cleaning

  • 1. A big boost in hygiene production to increase profitability.
  • 2. Increase patient loyalty and increase referrals by reaching out to your patients with news about the practice, limited time offers and fun events.
  • 3. Update your patient file with returned cards due to patients’ moving (this will save money in the long-run).

Who to Target

  • 1. Active Patients who are past (and really past) due for hygiene appointments 30 days – 2 years. (Depending on your recall system can modify to 60-90 days – 2 years).
  • 2. For this campaign, consider including those who have only been in for emergency appointments.

office wall art

Office Wall Art & Reception Area

Take a few moments to look at your reception area with fresh eyes. Enter the door your patients enter, take a seat, and look around. If your artwork, brochures, furniture and even magazines look dated or worn, that’s how your patients perceive your office.
Here are some easy and affordable ways to update the look and feel without doing a full remodel:
Add new Wall Art or Window Clings featuring images of happy patients with healthy, bright smiles. They will become attractive focal points in the room.
Update your educational materials with new Patient Education Brochures placed in attractive wooden or acrylic Brochure Holders. Be sure they’re personalized with your practice information in case patients pass them along to friends and family.
Get a small refrigerator and fill it with bottled water. Patients will appreciate having this simple, wholesome refreshment available before or after the appointment.
Be sure your reading material is current and in good condition. Reduce clutter and keep magazines looking fresh by placing them in convenient, space-saving Acrylic Magazine Racks.