3 Dental Holiday Gifts to Include with Your Seasonal Cards

Every holiday season, you send Christmas or Thanksgiving Cards to your patients and colleagues. Those beautiful cards, signed by your entire staff, will be displayed on countless mantles for all to see, and the connection you’ll make with your patients will help build loyalty. But, why not take it a step further by sending a little gift, too? Patients will remember your kindness, AND your name – especially when those dental holiday gifts are personalized with your practice information!

You don’t have to break your budget on gifts. We’ve come up with 3 affordable items you can slip right into your cards.

Personalized calendar with flamingo on it

Easel Calendars with trendy designs put the spotlight on your practice name and logo.

Calendars. Every patient will need at least one new calendar for the new year. Make yours the one they reference the most. Choose from a ton of fresh designs and styles such as Tri-fold, Promotional, Postcard, and our new Desktop Easel Calendars. Promoting your practice doesn’t get any easier than personalizing these calendars with your name and logo. Just think of how many times you look at a calendar every day. Now multiply that by 365: that’s how many times your patients will be reminded of you!

Coupons or Vouchers. Gifting your patients with a coupon is a great way to foster goodwill – AND fill your schedule – this holiday season. Braces, veneers and whitening treatments are big ticket items your patients might

Thanksgiving theme postcard with a coupon.

Include an offer for a specific percentage or dollar amount off a service this holiday season.

be putting off. But when the new year arrives, help them achieve their resolution for a new smile by offering a coupon for any of these services. This option is perfect when sending seasonal Postcards because we can print the coupon right on the back! Another option is to send a voucher they can redeem for a free personalized whitening kit. Holiday Spirit Tip: ask patients to bring in a new toy, canned food, or a blanket in exchange for the whitening kit, then make a donation to a shelter or food bank in your community.

purple magnet shaped like a toothbrush with toothpaste on it

Die-cut Magnets like this one stick around for the long haul.

Die-cut Magnets. Make sure your magnets stand out in a sea of others on a crowded refrigerator door! Teeth, apples, toothbrushes and toothpaste shapes and even photo frames call extra attention to your practice name and logo. Patients will place these magnets in high traffic areas at home and in the office.

Small, but generous dental holiday gifts like these make it easy to go above and beyond what your patients expect from you during the holidays. Surprise them with a little something extra and reap the rewards well into the new year!

Want to save money and make things even easier amidst the holiday hustle and bustle? Let us stuff, address, and mail your cards for you with SmartPractice Mailing Services.