Dental Recall and Reminders You Can Trust

Under certain circumstances, having a contract makes sense. But not when it comes to your practice’s automated patient recalls and reminders. Having a full appointment book is the backbone to any successful dental practice. If your current provider isn’t delivering a positive return on investment, you need the flexibility to get out STAT without the weight of a contract holding you down.

That’s why PracticeMojo doesn’t believe in setup fees or offer contracts. Instead, they work hard to earn your business and provide their value and ROI to your practice each and every day.

Empty appointment book

Keep your appointment books full with PracticeMojo


As a SmartPractice preferred vendor, we have seen first-hand how PracticeMojo helps dentists:

  • Create over $100,000 in new revenue every year
  • Send over 1,500 communications per month
  • Get an average of 5000% ROI from their investment each month

Get started with PracticeMojo! Stuck in a contract? No problem – PracticeMojo offers a Contract Saver option to make it easier to switch.

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