If you’ve taken time off over the holidays, it’s not unlikely that you’ve come back to a water damaged office. Your water shut-off process could be to blame. According to The Dentists Insurance Company, flooding can result from either failing to shut off your water properly or a faulty shut-off valve.

Solenoid valves are part of your water shut-off solution—and many offices don’t have them. These valves shut off your office water supply electronically and are usually included in your plumbing. With the right operating procedure, these valves can help ensure that your office remains free of water damage, even in the event of a slight water leak.

Is your water shut-off process up to par?

If you’re planning to leave your office over an extended period of time, or are simply closing up for the night, it’s important that you’ve established a water shut-off process. This process is as much about your equipment as it is about your staff.

Make sure you have a working solenoid valve installed and that you check it regularly—especially if you plan to be out.

Independent adjuster Louis Price of Louis Price & Associates advises staff to follow these steps when checking the valve.1

Turn off the solenoid valve and turn on the water at a sink in your office.
Let the water run. If the water stops after the water in the line has run out, the valve should be working. If the water continue to flow, chances are your valve isn’t working.

Is your staff trained on how to shut off the water?

If you have a solenoid valve, shutting off the water each night should be a simple process. Make sure you designate a member of staff to flip the solenoid valve switch off each night and on again in the morning. If you suspect any issues with your water system, contact your maintenance department or read “Maintaining and Troubleshooting Solenoid Valves” for more information.

By appropriately maintaining a solenoid valve at your office, you can prevent costly water damage. Have you experienced water damage at your office? Do you have a process in place to keep your water system in working order? Let us know in the comments!


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