Discover how to market your dental practice by deciding which dental marketing services will get the number of new dental patients you deserve.

Are you tracking your patient production every three months, as recommended by DentistryIQ? If so, you may find that you need more new patients to offset the ones you’re losing to relocation, change of insurance or your competitors. Rule of thumb: 25 new patients per month equals healthy growth.

If you’re getting fewer than that, you’re not growing your active patient counts to the level you deserve.

Patients are everywhere— but how do you attract them? We’ll cover just some of the dental marketing services we offer below:

Dental Office Digital Marketing

As you invest in your dental website be sure to also have your Google My Business page and Yelp pages built out too.  Partner with your staff to plan a content calendar to ensure you have a consistent Social Media presence.

Market Your Dental Practice With Targeted Dental Direct Mail Plans

With a targeted dental mailing plans, you’ll reach at least 5,000 of your ideal prospects. Consistently reaching out to prospects with Targeted Mailings connects you with those who are most likely to become new patients. The more often you mail, the better the results! The best part is, we’ll work with you to maximize your patient attraction—and retention.

All Targeted Mailing Plans include:

  •   FREE marketing consultation
  •   2 hours free design
  •   List of 5,000 targeted prospects
  •   Addressing & mailing via US Post Office
  •   Call tracking set-up and reports

Custom Dental Branding and Graphic Design will set your Dental Practice Apart from Your Competition

Why is it so important for your dental practice to have a logo and branding? Think of major name brands and how instantly recognizable they are. Yet, they also reflect their company’s values, invoking a sense of trust. Our graphic design team can do the same for your dental practice by creating a custom logo that perfectly reflects your values and characteristics.

Once you’ve settled on a logo you love, it’s yours to use on hundreds of products such as:

Market your Dental Practice with Automated Dental Recall Solutions

Maintaining a loyal dental patient base is much more than just reminding them to come in every six months for a checkup. You should stay in contact with your patients in between appointments to build a relationship with them to make them want to come back.  Leave it to the experts to handle all your communication needs, from sending patients appointment reminders and birthday cards, to updating your website and social media accounts. This is just scraping the surface of what PracticeMojo can do for you:

  • Social media and reputation management
  • Automated dental communications via traditional mail, email, and text
  • Website design

Are you ready to boost your active patient counts and market your dental office?

With more than 50 years helping dental practices like your market their dental practice and create new dental patients, you’ll find a partner in marketing who gets you with SmartPractice. When you work with us, we’ll help you identify what you need to reach your goals so you can keep your schedule full and your bottom line happy. Talk to us about how we can help you get – and keep – more new patients.

Ready to learn more or get started? Call 800.522.0800 ext. 7595 for a FREE Targeted Mailing Plan Consultation or visit for more information.