With thousands of Patient Giveaways and Referral Office Gifts to choose from, how do you know which ones to buy and when? What information do you need to provide to get what you’re looking for? Gain clarity on how to order the right products with the following tips. And remember, even if you don’t see exactly what you need on smartpractice.com or in a SmartPractice Catalog, it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have your giveaway available as an option. Give us a call at 800.522.0800 or email us with your ideas.

When to Use What     

Heather Kalish, SmartPractice® Marketing Coordinator, advises: “While there are several factors to consider, first determine when you want to use your Giveaways. This tells us a lot about what types of products will serve you best.”         

Here’s a list of key dental practice “when’s” and several Giveaway suggestions to go with each.

  • After-Appointment Care: Regular patients expect to receive Toothbrushes at every visit.
  • New Patients: Throw in a little something extra and consider a reusable Custom Tote Bag with a Toothbrush and Flosslip balm or drink ware.
  • Referring Offices: Consider practical item like Pens & PencilsSticky Notes or a nice notepad that can be put together in a clear bag tied closed with a ribbon.
  • Community Events: Think about your demographic. Kids love toys, stickers, activities and oral hygiene products made just for them, for example.
  • Open Houses: Opening a new dental practice or announcing new procedures? Take Home Whitening Kits are a must. Customize them for added brand-building power. Also consider a water flosser raffle for added impact.
  • Promotions and Contests: Larger items such as Zoo Club plush toys for pediatric patients, and functional items for adults like Blankets, Umbrellas, Sun Shades, and Travel Kits make excellent prizes.

How to Order Your Dental Patient Giveaways           

Now that you’ve narrowed down the type of products to get, it’s time to figure out exactly the items you need.

  • Know your budget: Let us know how much you want to spend per item and the quantity you need.
  • Send us images or a link to a product you found online: If you choose to send images of a physical product, take some photos with your phone or camera and email them to us at info@smartpractice.com. Or, send us Google images of a similar product with a description of the modifications/variations you want.

SmartPractice is always here to help you find the right Giveaways for your needs. If you’ve followed the tips above and still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us for assistance. We will make every effort to get you the right products.