Did you know that experts recommend a patch test before using Dupixent (Dupilumab)?  

According to A Pragmatic Approach to Patch Testing Atopic Dermatitis Patients: Clinical Recommendations Based on Expert Consensus Opinion,” experts recommend that “patch testing should be considered in individuals with a clear history of adult-onset AD, dermatitis that becomes generalized or more severe, or dermatitis of an atypical distribution or pattern mimicking contact dermatitis.” The paper goes on to say, “Patch testing should be considered before the initiation of systemic immunosuppressive therapy, because, in some cases, avoidance of clinically relevant allergens might preclude the need for systemic treatment.”


The European Society of Contact Dermatitis in “Patch Testing Guidelines for Allergic Contact Dermatitislists in their key guidelines: “Patch Testing is indicated when contact allergy is a consideration. It may also be useful in: 1) resistant cases of atopic, stasis, or seborrheic dermatitis with a possible superimposed contact allergy; 2) inflammatory disorders of mucous membranes; 3) when reactions to implants are suspected; and 4) some cases of erythema multiforme, lichen planus, psoriasis, and granulomatous reactions.”

In the Dermatology Times’s article, “Biologic clears severe dermatitis of the hands”, they discuss the effects of Dupixent, looking into case studies where patients “responded to dupilumab with responses ranging from 80% improvement to complete clearance” but before treatment “were patch tested…to rule out relevant allergens.”