Use this guide to increase your acquisition of patients with undiagnosed Allergic Contact Dermatitis.  

Tip 1: Increase your exposure to families and clinicians looking for patch testing

Register for SmartPractice’s Physician Locator referral service. Your practice website, address, and contact information will appear on our websites so referring clinicians and potential patients suffering from ACD can easily find you.

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Tip 2: Educate about ACD causes, signs, and symptoms, and the patch testing process

Enhance treatment acceptance when you make vital ACD and patch testing information accessible both online and in your clinic. Ensure your website has a dedicated landing page discussing ACD, what to look for, and how you serve patients with this disease. Display the Patient Guide to Patch Testing Brochures throughout your clinic and hand them out post-appointment. Not only do these brochures provide up-to-date and easy-to-read patient education, but they also showcase your practice information and logo to keep your clinic top of mind. 

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Tip 3: Build your referral program with Direct Mail Marketing 

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand your patch testing clinic. However, when your staff handles the mail for your practice, you are taking valuable time and money away from patient care. Partner with our Mailing Services Consultants for complimentary advice on how to build your patch testing referral program using Customizable Referral Letters. We will work with you to target the right demographic for your program and take care of your mailing from start to finish for a high return on investment and drastic time and money savings. 

young male patient having patch test strips applied to his back

Did you know allergic contact dermatitis accounts for as many as 20% of dermatitis cases in children? 

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