SmartPractice Dental Facebook Pro SolutionsHow can you keep your patients up to date on news from your dental practice without being completely looked over? Staying in the front of your patient’s minds will help spark a reminder the next time they’re experiencing some type of dental complication or have a friend looking for a local dentist.

Getting Your Patient’s Attention

Heard of Facebook? It seems like everyone, including your patients, are on social media these days. Having a social media presence for your practice could be a great way to show your patients how you and your staff are on a personal level and present great new opportunities to run contests or gather referrals.  Getting the right people to manage your PR and social media accounts can keep you in the “radar” of your patients without being obnoxious at the same time. Active newsletters or social media accounts like Twitter, G+, Facebook and Instagram can tell your patients about important news and events that are important to them, like:

• Attending continuing education workshops
• Introducing new procedures into your practice
• Discussing technology that you’ve invested in
• Bringing new faces into your office
• Bringing awareness to services that your patient didn’t know that they needed (but they do!)

Adding pictures and video is a great way to get increased attention, especially when people don’t have time to sit down and read an article or status update. Make it easy for people to interact with these outlets and respond in a timely manner. Think of them as another branch of communication, just like a phone call to your office.

Where to Start

Make a list of things you wish your patients knew about. Maybe your entire office just attended a conference or team building seminar. Grab one or two photos at least once a week. Slowly, you’ll get better about spotting ideas that you can’t wait to share with your patients!

If you’re too busy to do these things on your own, have someone that you trust do it for you. With so many people using email and social media every day, you owe it to yourself to put your practice out there for everyone to see.  If your office is getting started and need some helpful direction or post ideas, look into the Facebook Pro Solution offered through PracticeMojo Automated Recall & Marketing.