During the first week of May, celebrate National Postcard Week by leveraging postcards to grow your practice. Postcards—even in this digital age—are vital practice marketing tools. From patient recall to patient loyalty, referrals to practice announcements and more… If you want to keep your schedule full, there’s really no substitute. Revitalize your postcard protocol in these five key ways.


PC03471 Hashtag Smile Semi-Custom Postcard

1. Boost your recall program.

Keeping track of lapsed patients and who’s due for a visit, when, can be challenging in itself. When you add the complexity of postcard messaging, design, mailing logistics and costs, keeping your postcard recall program up to par can feel overwhelming. With SmartPractice®, you can get expert help choosing the right recall postcards at the right price. We even mail them for you for less time and money than you’d spend on your own.

2. Attract new patients through reviews and referrals.

According to SmartPractice® Marketing Director, Kristin Uhles: “The number one source of new patients is referrals.” And if you’re not a top rated practice online or generating as many new patients as you like, review postcards and referral postcards can help. Hand them out regularly to existing patients and include a reward for their efforts, such as a service discount or free whitening treatment. You can even use them in place of your normal recall cards for extra schedule-filling impact.


PC04182 Pop of Color Review Postcard

3. Build connections on special occasions.

Ringing in the holiday season? Celebrating patients’ birthdays? Congratulating patients on special milestones? Welcoming new patients? Thanking referrers? Sending condolences? There’s a postcard for each of these events. When those who keep you in practice receive a card for each of these occasions, you position your practice as one that truly values its patients—which builds loyalty and generates referrals.

4. Keep patients on top of your latest and greatest updates.

Whether you’re moving locations, introducing new staff, offering new state-of-the-art services and more, postcards let you spread the word and enhance patient engagement. Updating patients on news that could impact their oral health is a great way to keep your practice top-of-mind.


PC03577V Banner with Bows Birthday Postcard

5. Customize your way to an extraordinary brand. 

Since postcards are already such a staple to any successful practice, why not turn them into a key brand-builder? Work with dental industry experts to create your one-of-a-kind custom postcard design. When you do, you’ll get instant practice recognition at an affordable price. You can even convert your custom design into an array of other essentials like supply bags, business cards and calendars.

When you use the five tips above, you’ll likely be amazed at how effective postcards really are when you maximize their use. And whether you’re making a few small tweaks to your practice marketing or doing a complete business transformation—remember, postcards got their own week for a reason.

How are you currently using your postcards? Are you seeing the ROI you want? Let us know in the comments! To explore our selection of postcards, click here.  If you need help with your practice marketing, request a FREE marketing consultation