Information + Treatment Compliance = Better Oral Health

Informed patients are compliant patients. And if you aren’t leveraging Brochures to their full potential—your patients could be missing out on the information they need to accept and comply with your treatment plans.

According to a 2014 study by the ADA, 40.2% of adults say they’ll forgo dental care due to cost. What percentage of your patients are opting out of oral health improvements? Help them grasp the value of oral health and the role your care plays in it. Keep your Brochures well-stocked and SAVE 20% on your next order.

Support Effective Case Presentations

Brochures are a wonderful way to supplement face-to-face case presentations. Our selection contains up-to-date, trusted information about a variety of oral care topics, from Oral Hygiene to Cosmetic Dentistry. Plus, many Brochures are available in Spanish. Everyday language and supporting illustrations make even complex diagnoses and treatment procedures easily understandable. Display them throughout the office, inside Supply Bags and with statements for maximum exposure.

Don’t Wait to SAVE!

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How are you leveraging Brochures in your practice? Do you need a little help making yours go further in improving treatment acceptance and compliance? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Ask us about Custom Brochures, tailor-made with your images, text and content to promote your expertise. Partner with the dental industry’s top graphic designers for Brochures that are uniquely yours.