Business growth and dental marketing has long been affiliated with acquiring new patients. Companies, and even perhaps your own, fall victim to shelling out hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month to acquire a new patients. I know of at least one company that chargers a dollar just to get a new patient email address. The fact is growing businesses tend to spend so much of their time and money acquiring new customers that they often overlook their best source of dental practice growth: retaining and growing their existing customer base.  dental marketing practice growth

Fact: On average, 40% of patients ‘fall through the cracks’ every month.

Dental Recall Marketing: A Growth Story

If you pick up any basic business book one of the first things you’ll learn is that it is cheaper, easier, and more effective to retain current patients than it is to acquire new ones. In fact on average, if your practice can retain all of its patients by just one additional month, you can achieve an additional 3 percent of annual growth. If you can retain your patient base for four additional months, you can create double-digit growth–without adding a single new patient. What are you doing to retain the 40% of paying patients that are walking out of your practice each month?

How can you stop your patients falling through the cracks?

For more than 40 years SmartPractice has been committed to providing dental marketing services that create ‘Healthier Practices’.  In an effort to bring the very best technology and most effective recall system to our customers we’ve partnered with PracticeMojo.  PracticeMojo understands dental marketing. It is the culmination of a 20-year quest to bring dental practices a simple, inexpensive option that not only assists with patient communication, but revolutionizes the way you market your practice to current and prospective patients, all while saving you time, money and stress. Dental marketing from PracticeMojo

By focusing its efforts on your existing patient base with their effective and proven dental marketing recall strategies, within days of starting PracticeMojo you’ll notice that your patients stop falling through the cracks, costs go down and revenue goes up.

Here’s the best part: There is no contract, no set-up fee, no hassle. Wait did you say no  contract? That’s right! We’re so confident that PracticeMojo will deliver results that we guarantee PracticeMojo every month! At anytime if your not satisfied, you can cancel. Try asking any other dental marketing company for monthly results with no contract! In fact not only is PracticeMojo is the most affordable solution, it is also the only one that was specially designed to target your current patients, reactive them, retain them, and generate referrals from them. See how PracticeMojo compares to the competition.

If you are interested in learning more how PracticeMojo can help your practice fill the gaps in your schedule and increase revenue, give a knowledgeable product specialist a call today! 800.556.2580. 

About PracticeMojo
The PracticeMojo software was created by dental industry professionals who have more than 40 years of practice marketing expertise. It’s designed to help you retain, recruit and reactivate patients and improve their oral health IQ with communication via text, e-mail and postcards. We guarantee PracticeMojo will keep your schedule full every month. Plus, PracticeMojo will always be on time, never call in sick and never take a vacation.