Before we even begin: This is a multiple part series designed to instill the principles of effective dental marketing via completing homework. Did you do your homework? If not go back to Dental Marketing from scratch part 2 or part 1. Doing your homework and applying the principles you learn in this blog entry to your own dental marketing plan will greatly increase your chance for success.

Last time we talked about the top dental marketing attribute; still remember what it is? Price, price is the top dental marketing attribute that resonates with patients. We learned that effective dental marketing in price is constraint on the perceived value/price in your local market. Now that we got that out of the way, let turn our attention to the second most important dental marketing attribute to consider in your dental mailings; technology.

Dental Marketing – Technology, You’re doing it wrong

A great quote relevant to this marketing attribute comes from Loretta Lynn. She said, “You either have to be first, best, or different.” When it comes to advertising technology this statement can’t be any truer. Being first to advertise a technology (notice I didn’t say new technology) pins your practice as a knowledgeable leader in the industry. Any technology can be “new” to a patient. Remember they don’t have a subscription to Dental Product Shopper.

Being the best comes from your ability to clearly and accurately advertise the benefits of the technology not the technology itself. Patients don’t care how it works, it’s fancy name, or promotional logos; they care about one thing – how is it going to help them. Be the best at clearly advertising 6-months smiles, or same-day crowns. Notice I didn’t mention Lucid-Lok® or CEREC® AC, patients have no idea what those are and frankly, they don’t care.

dental marketing technology

Being different stems from your ability to differentiate similar technologies. You might find in your area that many dentists are advertising same-day crowns. How you differentiate your product or service will aid in setting your practice apart as knowledge, high-tech, and up-to-date.

Dental technology is ever changing. Every trade show, magazine, and sales rep seems to be pushing the latest and greatest gizmo. It may seem like a lot of what you know is second nature to most, however hardly any of your patients know anything about dental technology. Sorry about that. This is why it is paramount to rarely, if ever advertise the technology itself. If potential patients don’t know what it is, they will skip right over it. If you only take one thing from this post take this: Focus on the benefits not the gizmo.

Dental Technology is the second of the top dental marketing attributes. This means it is important to patients because it means convenience, accuracy, and a real solution. Whereas you don’t need to dedicate your advertising solely to the promotion of dental technology, you do need some. With each mailing dedicate a section of your mailer to showcase the benefits and conveniences of your practices technology that is different from your competition.

Introspection: Do this often

Hopefully you still have you and your competitor advertisements on hand. Look these over for any technology related content. Missing from your competition? – you may have a great opportunity. Missing from your advertisements? You’re missing out.

Homework: Competitors Challenge

Take a look at the picture of a recent dental mailer I received in the mail. Leave a comment on write down in your own dental marketing plan, how else could you advertise the benefits of Digital x-rays, and the Isolite System.

Next time we will dive more in depth on the last top dental marketing attribute: Distance – a story of focus.

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