Before we even begin: This is a multiple part series designed to instill the principles of dental marketing via comprehension and homework. Did you do your homework? If not go back to Dental Marketing from scratch part 3, 2 or part 1. Doing your homework and applying the principles you learn in this blog entry will greatly increase your chance for success.

Last time we talked about the second most effective dental marketing attribute; still remember what it is? Technology. Technology is often mis-marketed to focus on the technology itself and not the attribute that patients care about; the benefit. Now that we got that out of the way, let turn our attention to our third dental marketing attribute to consider in your dental mailings; distance.

Distance: a story of focus


For most offices the primary recipient of a dental mailer is a female 30-45 years of age, or in other words, mom. Modern moms are busy and one dental marketing attribute that resonates strongly with them is distance. Not having to drive all over town when strapped for time saves moms from having to worry whether or not they’ll make it to soccer practice on time. Distance or proximity to your office is a key dental marketing attribute that should be used on every dental mailer within an appropriate geographic range. (The actual number of miles will depend on whether you are in an urban, suburban, or rural environment. General guidelines would say 1-2 miles for densely populated areas, 5-10 for suburban areas, and up to 25 for rural America. Call 800.256.0800 to speak with a dental marketing consultant to get an accurate number for your area.)

Although most dental mailers go out to patients within a close geographic area, there are many instances when you would want to send mailers to a much larger audience. For example, when promoting a specific service like invisalign or implants. Convenience due to location won’t play as much of a role in marketing to these patients because they are more willing to make the drive to save money or utilize the services of an experienced doctor.

Introspection: Do this oftendental marketing Geotargeting-with-red-tack Hopefully you still have you and your competitor advertisements on hand. Look these over for proximity related content. Something missing from your competition? – you may have a great opportunity. Something missing from your advertisments? Time to speak with one of our dental marketing experts. Call 800.256.0800.

Homework: Bring it all together
Now that we have gone over the top 3 dental marketing attributes, let’s bring it all together. Start with your most recent mailers. Having these three dental marketing attributes included on all your mailers dramatically increases your chance for success. Dental mailers remain on the most effective pieces of dental marketing you can do. If done correctly the returns on investments can exceed 12x. If you have trouble seeing a successful ROI or would like help designing a custom mailer contact one of our dental marketing experts today. Call 800.256.0800.