Successfully marketing your dental practice to moms is a key component of a successful dental marketing strategy. Moms are at the center of the family, they are often the CEO, CFO, COO and are more often than not the decision maker when it comes to purchasing, but especially so when it comes to which dentist their children see.

Dental Marketing to Mom Stats

– 3 out of 4 American Moms use Facebook (source)
– Women make 80% of household healthcare decisions
– 85% of Moms make the purchasing decisions for the household
– 90% of Moms are online vs 76% of women in general (source)
– 54% of Moms use smartphones (source)

Today’s mom is tech savy, they are connected to friends, family and businesses. They regularly use the internet, social media, and referrals to make smart decisions, especially those regarding healthcare. Times have changed and if you practice is looking to stay connected with, market to and attract families and moms you’ll need to adjust your dental marketing plan to accommodate. Fortunately our partner, PracticeMojo, is an industry leader in staying connected, marketing to and attracting families to your practice.


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Dental Facebook Pro Solution

Effective social media is more about content than ownership. When talking about moms content is espically king. The PracticeMojo Dental Facebook Pro Solution is truly complete because it not only includes custom timeline design, promotions, appointment requests and reviews, but it also includes kickstart idea emails. Kickstart emails give your practice regular Facebook post ideas that are designed to increase ‘likes’, interact with moms, families and patients, and accelerate patient referrals.

Family Grouped Appointment Reminders

Family watching tv on the floor
PracticeMojo automatically combines all family and multiple appointment communications into a single mailing, email, text, or phone call to save your patients the hassle of sifting through numerous communications.

Family messaging allows moms to confirm all appointments for their entire household with a single message. This decreases no-shows and increases the effectiveness of your messages by not flooding the inboxs of every family member. Once your patient confirms, PracticeMojo will stop sending communications, you’ll know they confirmed because you’ll receive real-time confirmations right in your email inbox.


Dental Websites

Updating your practice website with mobile functionality will ensure that busy moms are able to have a positive experience with your practice online, whether they are accessing your site from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet device.

Each website we create is powered by exclusive WebEngine Technology, giving you unmatched advantages that save you time and money. Our database-driven websites use advanced technology that separates the content of a website from the design elements of the website. This major advantage allows you to control virtually every aspect of your website with a simple “point & click”. You can easily add pages, edit content, upload photos, insert videos, and more without having to know anything about programming or web design. You can even change the entire “look and feel” of your website with the click of a button!