Goals & Who to target for Summer Dental Marketing

  • 1. Help patients maintain and/or improve their oral health by leveraging employer funded dental benefits.
  • 2. Help the dentist and patient plan treatment over a longer period for optimal outcomes.
  • 3. Help the office increase production by providing preventive treatment and diagnosing needed treatment.
  • 4. Reach out to insured patients whose benefits expire in June rather than the traditional calendar year.
  • 5. For offices who don’t accept dental insurance this is a great time to do a School is Out Campaign targeting families.
  • 6. Get an average response rate of 26% of your patients scheduling an appointment – let SmartPractice show you how!

A Complete Contact Strategy

The PracticeMojo ReachAll Dental Recall program is the most comprehensive dental recall solution today

Does implementing a complete contact strategy sound like a lot of work? It can be, especially when you talk about using Benefit Reminders to reactivate lapsed accounts. This is where PracticeMojo – Automated Recall & Dental Marketing can help.

Your time is valuable

Your practice will spend over two weeks this year making phone calls, filling out postcards, and sending mailers—all trying to chase down patients and get referrals. Even with this amount of effort, 40% of patients fall through the cracks every month on average. PracticeMojo is an automated solution that targets and reaches all of those patients. This helps to free your time to spend on increasing production and chair-side care. It’s true not all of your patients can be reached by text or e-mail, but that’s why PracticeMojo also sends postcards and includes online ratings, surveys and reviews.

Looking for growth?

PracticeMojo Facebook Solution

Studies show it’s 5-10 times cheaper to keep current patients than it is to acquire new ones. Plus, if your practice can retain all current patients by just a month per year, you can achieve 3% annual growth—without adding a single new patient. The PracticeMojo ReachAll Dental Recall program is the most comprehensive dental recall solution today. It individually targets each one of your patients with timely emails, text messages, phone reminders and even postcards. It effectively and effortlessly reactivates, schedules and confirms patient appointments to ensure a steady stream of hygiene visits and additional
treatments. Whether your main objective is saving time or practice growth, PracticeMojo is perfect for:

Recall: Recall is the single most important aspect of an effective dental marketing strategy. The ReachAll
Dental Recall program from PracticeMojo is the most complete recall solution.

Referrals: It’s never been easier to request, remind and reward your patients for referrals. PracticeMojo
referral communications are designed for maximum response rates.

Reviews and Surveys: Reviews coupled with surveys help your practice gain valuable insight. Plus, PracticeMojo reviews are everywhere: Google, Yelp, Yahoo! and other top review sites.

Social Media: Don’t just “have” a Facebook page. Effective social media is more about content than ownership. Our Facebook solution combines eyecatching design with post ideas, promotions, appointment requests and review apps to maximize your social clout.

Websites: Even if you have a website, make the switch to PracticeMojo websites to enjoy access to the top web designs, free customizable content, HD dental videos, unparalleled support and more. PracticeMojo is compatible with EagleSoft, Easy Dental, Dentrix, SoftDent, and PracticeWorks.

practicemojo plans and pricing

PracticeMojo’s ReachAll Dental Recall technology utilizes emails, 2-way text messages, postcards, automated phone reminders, and more to contact, reactivate and help schedule new appointments. Contact PracticeMojo today to schedule a 10 minute, no-obligation demo to see for yourself just how easy it is to let PracticeMojo contact, reactivate, and schedule new appointments.

Tip: Benefit Reminders are a great opportunity to reactivate patients you haven’t seen in over a year. Improve the success of your summertime patient recall program by 26% with expert tips, best practices with Benefit Reminders, shareable Facebook content and save big with special insider-only offers. Visit PracticeMojo to learn more ➤.