Whether you are new to patch testing, an experienced patch tester, or a clinician who is thinking about opening your own patch testing clinic, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we created and continue to build our interactive Contact Dermatitis Institute web community.

Contact Dermatitis Institute’s (CDI) Resources

If you haven’t explored our CDI website, here are 5 key resources you could be missing:

  1. The CDI Allergen Database, which includes essential, at-a-glance information on nearly 400 allergens, including their sources, alternative names, uses, and the products in which they are commonly found. CDI continuously adds to this allergen library and actively encourages our community of healthcare providers to suggest new allergens for inclusion.
  2. Patient Education Materials, including printable PDFs of allergen information sheets, a downloadable patient’s guide to patch testing, and videos that explain contact dermatitis, patch testing, and specific allergens.
  3. Continuing Educational Opportunities for practitioners, such as Learning Modules that cover all aspects of patch testing, including how to counsel your patients and market your services, and our popular Hands-on Patch Test Training Workshops.
  4. Our referral Physician Locator Service, which helps connect you with potential patients seeking a local physician who understands contact dermatitis and offers patch testing as a means to determine the cause of their skin disease.
  5. A Peer-to-Peer Community where you can share ideas, case studies, tips, and techniques with your peers. Join and be a part of the conversation today!

Want to keep up-to-date on the latest in contact dermatitis news, patch testing supplies, training opportunities and more? Add the CDI website to your bookmarks and check back often!