According to NBC News, finding a way to protect COVID-19 vaccination cards is in high demand, as showing proof of vaccination is becoming more routine around the country and the world.

Experts say laminating vaccine cards isn’t a good idea because it prevents future doses from being recorded, according to CBS News. The best way for patients or clients to protect their vaccination cards is using a holder or sleeve.

Help to Protect Your Patient’s Vaccination Card

Vaccination Card Sleeves provide the necessary protection your patients need for their vaccine cards. It’s best to give patients an option that features a modern, bright design to make the holder easy to find in their purse or bag when traveling or attending events and restaurants with vaccine mandates where they need to reference their vaccination card. 

And, as with all giveaways from your practice, feature your practice name to increase the exposure of your brand every time they use the cardholder.  Keep Vaccine Card Sleeves on hand–personalized with your logo and practice information–to give to patients in a goodie bag or as gifts and pass out to potential patients at community events.

Vaccination Cardholder Comparisons

There are many lists compiled featuring the best vaccine cardholders, including ones developed by Good Housekeeping, AFAR magazine and As you browse your preferred vaccine card giveaway, keep in mind the following:

  • Look for a vaccination card protector that is made of high-quality materials to ensure that the vaccination card is kept clean and in great condition for long-term reference. For example, SmartPractice offers the only non-plastic, high-quality paper Vaccination Card Cleeves that can be personalized.
  • It seems with supply chain limitations, everything is taking a bit longer these days. Look for options manufactured in the USA that can ship fast. Unlike other vaccination card holder suppliers, which can take 10 days to ship, SmartPractice Vaccination Card Sleeves are made in the USA and ship within 3 days. 
  • It’s common to see vinyl, single-color vaccine cardholders that can be imprinted with your practice name. To give you more options, the SmartPractice Vaccination Card Sleeve features fun, full-color designs that feel more like a gift rather than an outdated plastic-based protector.
  • For families traveling, having one holder that can protect the entire family’s set of vaccine cards is extremely beneficial. The SmartPractice Vaccination Card Sleeves are made to conveniently store up to 5 vaccine cards.

The Perfectly Practical Personalized Patient Giveaway

Are you struggling with finding a new, personalized giveaway to hand out to patients this year that is relevant? If so, look no further!  Vaccination Card Sleeves are a practical giveaway that combines your practice’s personalization with a convenient handout for your patients.  Purchase 500 SmartPractice Vaccination Card Sleeves for only $0.75, which is priced lower than competitors’ vinyl holders!  

Affordable, convenient Vaccination Card Sleeves will become a popular giveaway with your patients, keeping your practice name on hand and their vaccine card safe.

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