Looking to retain patients with insurance? Benefit Reminder Cards are a great way to get them to schedule appointments fast. While educating patients on the importance of regular health care, Benefit Reminder Cards compel patients to use their insurance benefits immediately for the most affordable treatment.

Your patients will appreciate your desire to save them money—and you’ll love seeing a fuller schedule, better treatment compliance, and more patient loyalty.

Here are 3 ways to leverage Benefit Reminder Cards for better patient retention.

1. Choose an eye-catching Benefit Reminder Card.

Ordering your Benefit Reminder Cards from SmartPractice ensures your cards stand out in a stack of mail. With simple, targeted educational messaging and a clear call to use benefits before they expire—our Benefit Reminder Cards create the urgency patients need to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

benefit reminder postcards

2. Retain patients by emphasizing the benefits of regular care.

Ask yourself which health concerns are most important to your target market. Is it weight loss? Anti-aging? Keeping oral cancer at bay? Explain on your Benefit Reminder Cards why consistent visits can support one of these key concerns. You’ll inspire more visits by reinforcing the benefits of regular care.   

3. Pair your Benefit Reminder Cards with regular follow up communications via phone, text message, email or a combination.

How do your patients like to receive communications from you? While every patient is different, you can ensure you fill your schedule the most when you combine your Benefit Reminder Cards with regular phone, text, and email communications. Automate your recall and reminder campaigns with PracticeMojo so you can free up staff to focus on patient care.

Try these three tips today so you can get the best ROI on your Benefit Reminder Cards. Help your patients make the most of their insurance benefits while you fill your schedule.

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