Studies show that the majority of pet owners view their pets as part of their family. This makes losing an animal companion especially difficult. Pet owners will undoubtedly be devastated when that day comes and will appreciate the support from their veterinarian. Thoughtful expressions of veterinary sympathy card messages are always appreciated, offering a meaningful way to offer your condolences during pet parents’ time of grief.


The Importance of Pet Sympathy Cards

Veterinary Sympathy CardsAll pets, from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles, play a special role in their owners’ lives. Again, they are a part of the family for many and a best friend that offers companionship and support. Because pets are so special, it can be very hard when it comes time for them to cross the rainbow bridge. Whether it happens by euthanasia or naturally at home, it’s expected or sudden, pet owners will be left mourning their loved ones. It is normal for pet owners to go through a period of grief.

When a client, unfortunately, loses a pet, sending a sympathy card expressing your condolences can mean more than you know. Though this time can be very hard, it is important to reach out to pet parents when they need your support the most. Veterinary sympathy cards let your clients know you care and understand the special bond they shared with their beloved pets. Sending a sympathy card allows you to convey a message of comfort and compassion to clients while also building loyalty and hope for bereaved pet parents and strengthening client relationships. A little sympathy goes a long way.


What to Write in a Veterinary Sympathy Card

When sending a sympathy card, it is often difficult to know what to say or how to phrase your thoughts and feelings. It’s important to convey your sincere feelings of compassion and understanding. The best approach is to be honest, while not making any assumptions about how your clients feel or what they need. 

Here are some helpful tips when writing veterinary sympathy card messages:

  • It is best to use the pet’s name, instead of referring to the pet as “your dog” or “your cat”.
  • If you have a specific fond memory or trait that sticks out in your memory, mention it in the sympathy card. This will warm their heart to know that your staff holds their pet’s memory in their hearts.
  • Include any photos you might have of the pet.
  • Use a comforting sympathy quote.
  • Send the sympathy card out as soon as possible

Pet parents are often most touched by handwritten and hand-signed sympathy notes, rather than those just pre-stamped or printed with your veterinary practice’s name. Gathering your staff so each person can hand-sign a sympathy card will provide comfort and be greatly appreciated by clients after the loss of their pets. 


Suggestions and Helpful Phrases for Pet Condolence Cards

SmartPractice has an entire veterinary message library you can search for prewritten sympathy messages to use or gather inspiration for your veterinary sympathy card messages. Adding a comforting message to your personalized pet sympathy cards will go the extra mile with clients.

These sentiments cover the loss of dogs, cats and other animal friends, but you can choose which sympathy messages you like best and easily edit them to reflect the kind of pet your client is mourning. 

Sample veterinary sympathy card messages include:

  • M1203 – Please accept our sincere sympathy. The staff at [name of clinic] shares in your sadness with the loss of [pet’s name].
  • M1282 – Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.
  • M1590 – We are deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and pet. They were certainly a gift from above. We are so sorry for your loss.
  • SY95 – Good friends stay forever in our hearts. We would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your special pet.
  • M1281 – “Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”

View the entire Veterinary message library here.

Veterinary sympathy message ideas for dog sympathy cards:

  • No one can truly understand why dogs are called “man’s best friend” until they have experienced the loss of one. I am so sorry that your [dog’s name] has crossed the rainbow bridge.
  • Dogs are the sweetest, purest things in our lives. We’re so sorry to hear about the loss of [dog’s name]. You’re in our thoughts.
  • The unconditional love of a dog is one of life’s most precious treasures.

Veterinary sympathy message ideas for cat sympathy cards:

  • Everybody who has ever owned cats understands how easy it is to love them. We know how much you loved and adored [cat’s name].
  • Our heartfelt condolences for the tragic loss of your beloved [cat’s name]. We’ll never forget his/her sweet meow. May he/she rest in peace.
  • Nothing can replace your treasured cat. But we hope this keepsake helps to keep their memory close.


Different Types of Pet Sympathy Cards

There are many ways to send pet condolences to your clients. Though just one way, sympathy cards can make a big impact. Find a unique way to send your condolences to grieving pet parents with a veterinary sympathy card that reflects your practice. SmartPractice offers a wide selection of personalized pet sympathy cards, keepsakes and gifts for your practice to choose from. A few popular choices include:

Forever Paws Veterinary Sympathy Cards – Express sympathy to clients with a heartfelt message and a keepsake of their pets’ paw print they will cherish forever. These cards add a special gift to your sympathy message, an ink paw print pop out. Pet parents can frame the keepsake or hang it up on their Christmas tree to treasure for years to come.

Forever Paws Sympathy Cards

Seed Paper Veterinary Sympathy Cards – Allow memories of beloved pets to keep growing long after they’ve passed with Seed Paper sympathy cards. These cards contain Forget Me Not seeds that clients can plant in a garden or a pot or planter in their pets’ honor. Clients will appreciate a thoughtful gift they will remember their beloved pet by.

Seed Paper Sympathy Card

Environment® Paper Veterinary Sympathy Cards – Environment® Paper has an organic look and smooth finish that will enhance your sympathy message to grieving pet parents. Made from 30% post-consumer fibers and a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests they support recycling, renewable resources and responsible forestry practices. These cards give your sympathy cards an organic, handmade look and feel. They come in notecard size and are a unique, eco-friendly option. 

Hemp Paper Sympathy Cards

Veterinary Sympathy Folding Card with Tear-off – Send a sympathy card and special memento in one with Sympathy Folding Cards with a Tear-off. Clients will keep the memento and remember your heartfelt condolences for years to come. Add a heartfelt message, comforting quote or even a handwritten note to the tear-off portion of the card.

Sympathy Card with Tear-off

View the complete wide selection of Veterinary Sympathy Cards here.

What special way do you provide your clients condolences during a pet loss? We would love to hear from you.