This extra day only comes around once every four years, making it the perfect time to leverage the power of Leap Day by doing a little something extra to gain some added attention and encourage patient engagement. 

Although it may seem like just a silly, lighthearted way to have some fun, you can use Leap Day to increase traffic into your office and elevate awareness in your community.

If you’re looking for ways to engage with your patients, boost brand awareness and increase your patient counts, we can help.

We’ve listed 5 Simple and Effective Ways to be Extra this Leap Day. 

1. An Extra Reminder Goes a Long Way

It’s always a good idea to remind patients of their upcoming appointments using multiple methods. And, while Reminder Laser Cards are a great way to send a helpful message, be sure to give every patient an Appointment Card noting the details of their next visit at the end of every appointment. Want even more visibility? Sticker Appointment Cards allow patients to peel off the portion with dates and times to place in their own calendars.

2. An Extra day = Extra Giveaways

Sure, patients expect practical gifts such as toothbrushes or lip balm at the end of every visit, but why not add an extra giveaway to their goodie bag? Higher ticket items like personalized drinkware or whitening kits can really entice patients to pop in for a visit.  

3. Pack an Extra Punch

Loyalty Cards are ideal for generating return visits. If you’ve implemented them into your practice for things like ‘purchase 9 pet nail trims and get the 10th one free,’ give clients an extra punch in their card when they come in for service on Leap Day.

4. Reach Out to Lapsed Patients 

Make sure your clients and patients know how important they are to your practice. Send Recall Postcards with a message like, “We don’t want to wait till next leap year to see you!” on the back. It’s a friendly—and affordable—way to get patients back into the office.

5. Leap for a Cause 

Loyalty Cards get clients back in the door.

Use the extra day on the calendar to do something positive for your community. Ask patients to bring in canned goods for your local food bank, blankets and towels for the animal shelter, or coats and other warm items for the homeless shelter in your area. Giving back is not only good for your community—it’s good for business, too. 

Whichever way you choose to celebrate Leap Day this year, be sure to personalize promotional items with your practice information. Everyone loves a giveaway, but when they’re imprinted with your name and logo, patient loyalty will grow by leaps and bounds! 

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