Targeted Mailing Plans deliver impressive ROI. When you use them strategically, you can expect high patient engagement, a fuller schedule, and more practice growth.

Why invest in a Targeted Mailing Plan in the digital age? In short, direct mail works! Did you know that direct mail response rates outperform all digital channels by nearly 700%? And, direct mail scored higher than digital ads at motivating a person to action.*Direct_Mail_Marketing

With Targeted Mailing Plans, you can leverage the patient and client converting power of Direct Mail by targeting the right audience with the right message. Read on for four ways to acquire new patients with your Targeted Mailing Plan.

1. Educate your target audience.

Your prospective patients are ad overloaded. And, they’re likely to be skeptical about sales-y images and messages, including generic tooth stock art, cheesy taglines and tons of bolded or exclamatory phrases.

Show them real value instead. Share educational health tips that relate directly to what you offer, such as the benefits of straight teeth, proper oral hygiene or a white smile.

2. Attract patients with your Targeted Mailing Plans using an engaging incentive.

Prospective patients are more likely to convert when you give them a tangible reward for coming to see you. As we mentioned, prospective patients are skeptical. The more you give them in return for their business, the more likely they are to trust you.

First, define your patient demographic. What do your ideal patients want when it comes to dental health? Let’s say your target audience is pediatric patients. Consider offering a limited-time 20% off coupon on your Targeted Mailer for a child’s first visit to create urgency.

3. Promote more appointments when you use a clear, strong call to action.

It’s hard for prospective patients to connect with you if they don’t know how! Make sure your contact information is clear and you include it in more than one prominent place in your Targeted Mailers.

Then, briefly state what you want your prospects to do with your mailer. Is it to call and schedule an appointment? To visit your booth at a local health fair? Ask for what you want.

4. Grow your practice.

We get that running a thriving practice is more than a full-time job. That’s why we’re here to help you plan and execute the strategic Targeted Mailing Plan that will give you the best ROI for your practice growth.

Here’s what you get with every SmartPractice Targeted Mailing Plan:

  • A FREE Marketing Consultation to define the right Targeted Mailing Plan for your practice
  • 2 FREE hours of graphic design to expertly showcase your brand ($150)
  • A new movers list of qualified prospects who have recently moved to your area—and are most likely to be searching for a dentist like you
  • Call tracking, setup and reporting so you can track conversion rates and listen to calls for training purposes

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*Source: 2016 DMA Response Rate Report.


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