Quality dental composite material is a dental supply essential you might not know we provide. Practices like yours already dental-compositecount on us for your marketing materials, office supplies, patient communications—and more. When you buy your dental composite from us, you’ll get guaranteed same-day shipping and everyday low prices that are 5-15% less than “the big guys.”

What’s more, we carry all your favorite brands and formulations. Read on to explore our wide selection of dental composites.  

  • Flowable Composites provide excellent penetration into tooth irregularities, reduced air entrapment, high flexibility, radio-opaqueness, and a wide range of color options. You just can’t go wrong with brands like GC America, Kerr, and more!
  • TPH Spectra® ST Universal Composite with SphereTEC™  Designed for use in all cavity classes, its novel SphereTEC filler technology elevates handling performance and delivers long-lasting esthetic results. Also has a simplified shading system comprised of 5 CLOUD shades that cover the entire VITA based shade system.
  • Herculite Composite: For low shrinkage, long-lasting durability and “chameleon like” blending, choose a Herculite Composite.
  • SonicFill™ 2 Bulk Fill Composite: The first sonically-activated bulk fill composite and delivery system reduces application time with single-step filling for up to 5mm increments. You can expect predictable, long-term restoration results due to improved adaptation and reduced shrinkage. Plus, you’ll benefit from its precise delivery through a cannula with a small diameter and easy-to-use foot switch control.

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