Impression Material. Of all the dental supplies out there, it’s often thought of as the hardest working one in your practice. Day in and day out, you rely on it to get the proper impression the first time. Because, what’s worse than having to take multiple impressions until you get the perfect one? Finding the ideal impression material can be a challenge, and with the huge selection of materials out there, it can be an overwhelming process. However, finding the right one is essential to saving time and money.

Most likely, you have your favorites, but let us introduce you to some of ours. Read on to discover their qualities and save even more money with our special offers.

Aquasil™ Ultra Impression Material

With its unique design, Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting Impression Material will minimize the problems of voids, bubbles, pulls and drags. It works hard to keep even the thinnest margins intact, while allowing easy separation from the mouth without tearing or distortion. Buy 3 Aquasil Ultra refills (4/pk) 50ml, Get 1 of your choice FREE. Offer expires 3/31/18.

3M Impregum™ Penta™ Medium Body Polyether

Impregum Penta is the “original” polyether precision impression material that’s ideal for use in the monophase technique. This precision impression material is designed for automatic mixing and dispensing in the 3M ESPE’s Pentamix System. It’s hydrophilic for unsurpassed accuracy, even in the presence of moisture. Buy 4 Impregum Penta MB Impression Material refills, get 1 of the same FREE. Offer expires 3/31/18.


Genie™ VPS Impression Material

Genie is chemically engineered to produce remarkably detailed and precise impressions every time you use it, no matter which technique you use. Sultan’s Genie is available in a full range of wash and tray materials – five viscosity and two set time – that perform like magic! Right now, if you buy 4 packs of Genie VPS 50ml (2/pk), you’ll get 1 FREE. Offer expires 3/31/18.


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