Although it’s been around for over a century, lip balm is all the rage these days. Here at SmartPractice, we carry so many different brands types. And when you customize them with your logo, you turn them into Customizable Dental lip balms that promote your brand, so your practice name gets seen all over town!

Aside from that awkward post-treatment-dry-lip-thing, why would you need to stock up on a variety of styles and flavors? Let’s take a look:

Different Strokes for Different Folks

For some people, organic and natural ingredients are a priority. Keep their lips happy and hydrated with our SPF 15 Lip Balm. With ingredients like organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E, organic olive oil, and aloe vera oil, your patients will feel good about using this balm on their lips.

All About That Taste

Polishing and protecting your lips is great, but if it doesn’t have a pleasant taste, most won’t use it. Sugar Balm All Natural Personalized Lip Balm contains a bit of Stevia for an extra sweet kisser and comes in flavors like caramel latte, vanilla coconut, and chocolate mint. Yes, please!

Trendy and Chic

In the last couple of years, EOS™ Lip Balm has turned the world of lip care on its head. Everyone who is anyone – from students to celebrities – has at least one in their lip balm stash.

The quirky and colorful packaging, natural ingredients, and flavors such as blueberry acai, lemon drop, and honeysuckle honeydew make them trendy and on-point.

And yes, you can have your practice name imprinted on these too. You just can’t go wrong with custom EOS™ Lip Balm.

Speaking of trends, we’re always keeping up with the latest ones! So be sure to check out the New Products section of the website frequently to see what we’ve added to the mix. From travel mugs and cord keepers to mints and floss – we can personalize them all with your name and logo. It’s always good to refresh your giveaways to keep patients wanting to come back for more!

Mini Lip Balms, Maximum Punch

You experience it every day: you’ve finish up a routine cleaning or lengthy procedure, sit the patient up in her chair and notice she’s licking her lips to get them to “un-stick” from her teeth. Keep a convenient tub of Lip Rageous Mini Lip Balm in the treatment room so each patient can use it right away and take it home.

As if you needed any more reasons to fall in love with lip balm, they make fantastic additions to the Supply Bags you hand out.

Hosting an open house, participating in a community event or fair, or visiting a school? Lip Balm should be the first item you include in your goodie bags.

The places your patients will carry these with them are limitless: In the car, in their handbags or backpacks, on their nightstand or at work. And that means your name is always on their lips!

Want to try our fabulous lip balm? Call 800.522.0800 to request a free sample today and get 10% OFF your order using offer code D8E22. But hurry, offer expires 2/28/18!