The holiday season is the perfect time to boost patient engagement.

Your patients already know they can count on you to be the authority in all things dental-related. Are you ready to engage your patients in even more meaningful ways?

Educate and inspire your patients with holiday-related activities.

The patient engagement must-haves that follow are great to intersperse with regular dental education tips. Discuss them on your practice blog, in your newsletter and through your social media.

To generate buzz on your social media, talk about holiday events.

Know of any holiday boutiques or festivals in your area? Is there a neighborhood nearby that goes all-out with holiday lights? Post about it on your Facebook page!

The more you post about holiday activities on your social media, the more patient engagement you’ll get online.

Families are always looking for festive ways to get into the holiday spirit. Patients and prospective patients will appreciate the time you took to put all the information in one handy spot.

If there’s ever a time to satisfy your patients’ sweet tooth, it’s now!


The holidays wouldn’t be complete without seasonal treats. Have you come across some tempting recipes or tooth-friendly alternatives to sugary delicacies? Pass them along.

Maybe you or your staff members have your own family-favorite recipes to share.

Feature one or two recipes each week.

Encourage your patients to try out the goodies and then tag you in their photos of the finished product.

Getting tagged in recipe photos on your patients’ social media channels helps you gain visibility as a patient-friendly practice.

When you share seasonal movies and books, you generate relationship-building conversations with your patients.

Many of your patients are likely fans of seasonal movies, TV specials and books. Quickly search online for seasonal movies that speak to different cultures, including bilingual options.

With a quick online search, you can put together a list of traditional and culturally diverse favorites. Ask your patients for feedback on their favorites both in the office and on your social media channels.

In order to boost patient engagement, take the time to learn and show appreciation for your patients’ holiday pastimes.

All your patients have to do now is settle in with a warm beverage and a blanket!

In the midst of the holiday madness, find ways to give back.

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy during these months. Stay grounded by giving back. Every community has at least one shelter or charitable organization that could use your help this season.

Many dental practices will host a food, clothing or toy drive right in the office. Unable to host your own community service event? Let your patients know where to give back in your community.

Perhaps there’s a need for volunteers to put together food boxes, pack lunches or help serve a holiday meal to the less fortunate.

Be sure to pass along contact information or website links to each organization.

Post about a few philanthropic organizations or causes on your social media and add them to your newsletter. Patients will appreciate that you’re an office who gives back.

Remember, engaging with your patients isn’t limited to just the holiday season. This is something you can—and should—do all year long. Be sure to visit the blog regularly for more tips just like these. Happy holidays!