You’ve probably already implemented some ways to be more environmentally conscious in your dental practice.  And now you can add eco-friendly Promotional Products to that list, too.

According to the EPA, the most effective way to reduce waste is not to create it in the first place. Reducing and reusing products are truly the best ways to preserve natural resources, protect the environment and save money!

What kind of reusable promotional products can you give your patients?

  • Sports Bottles. If you had to guess, how many water bottles would you say are being tossed in the garbage every day? The Container Recycling Institute estimates that 60 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills and incinerators each day. Be part of the solution by encouraging your patients to use reusable water bottles when they’re on the go. Our favorite right now is the Mood Cube Tumbler that changes color when ice cold liquids are added – too cool! That’s a great way to bring attention to your practice name and logo.
  • Shopping Bags. You can never have too many of these reusable shopping bags! Patients can keep them in their car, at home or in the office, or even in their purse or backpack. Your patients will always be prepared for quick trips to the market without having to use yet another plastic bag. This Big Thunder Tote Bag is an impressive 13 inches wide and 15 inches tall – perfect for bagging groceries, farmer’s market finds and even library books.
  • Supply Bags. Naturally, you end each patient visit with a goodie bag full of oral care items – don’t forget to include Woobamboo eco-friendly toothbrushes and floss! Bet you didn’t know that even those supply bags are eco-friendly. Our bags are made from recyclable plastic right here in the USA, plus, these awesome designs will be reused over and over again!



What are your favorite eco-friendly promotional products to give away? We always look forward to reading your comments.