You’ve probably already implemented some ways to be more environmentally conscious in your practice. And now you can add eco-friendly Promotional Products and Office Supplies to that list, too.

According to the EPA, the most effective way to reduce waste is not to create it in the first place. Reducing and reusing products are truly the best ways to preserve natural resources, protect the environment and save money!

What kind of eco-friendly products can you give your patients and clients? Here’s a list of SmartPractice eco-friendly products:

1) Contains recycled materialProducts made using recycled materials (either all or partial)

  • Magnets: Made with 75% recycled material! This has been the standard for years with high quality results.
  • Eco Paper Handled Shoppers: Brown kraft shoppers made from 100% recycled paper (with a minimum of 40% recycled post-consumer content)
  • Hemp Paper Cards: Made from 30% hemp fibers, 40% recycled fibers and 30% FSC certified virgin pulp they support recycling, renewable resources and responsible forestry practices. 
  • Sustainabalm Lip Balm: While all-natural lip balm and reef safe lip balm have been popular products for years, new in 2021, you now have an option with a container that is made from recycled post-consumer plastic and potato bio-resin.

2) Biodegradable—Products designed to completely break down and leave no harmful traces

3) Recyclable—Materials that can be recycled through municipal recycling programs

4) Reusable—Products that can be used again and again before being recycled or disposed

5) Growable—Detachable seed paper embedded with wildflower seeds that can be planted