Dental practice marketing with promotional calendars. See why they’re still one of your best dental practice marketing tools.  Dental Practice Marketing with promotional calendars

In this age of electronic everything, you might think printed calendars are a thing of the past. But they’re not! A recent survey of more than 1,000 respondents revealed some interesting truths about how people use calendars, and printed versions came out on top over their electronic counterparts. Advertising and promotional calendars scored well, too. In fact, 82% of those surveyed said they enjoyed receiving calendars as complimentary gifts.

Overall, 92% of respondents said they would keep a promotional calendar. That means when you give your dental patients a calendar, they’re not just throwing it away. But it’s not just that they keep it, they use it. A lot. An overwhelming 98% of respondents said they looked at a calendar at least once a day, with 61% checking it anywhere from 2-10 times a day.

Don’t worry about giving dental patients too many promotional calendars, because the average household keeps and displays more than three calendars at a time. The kitchen is the most popular place in the house for a calendar, with a home office coming in second. Wondering what kinds of calendars people use? 89% said wall calendars, with day planners, magnetic calendars and wallet calendar cards all boasting their own legions of fans.

Now, let’s talk personalization. Why give a personalized promotional calendar to your dental patients? Easy. 74% of respondents remember the name of the business that gave them the calendar and 41% had referred someone to that business! Now you know the majority of patients who receive your personalized calendar will remember your name, and a healthy percentage will do one better and pass your name along to others. You can’t beat that!

Personalized promotional calendars are easy and effective multitasking dental practice marketing tools that help encourage patient loyalty and referrals while keeping your practice name prominently displayed in patients’ homes all year long.