Recently LinkedIn released a new updated version of their website. The LinkedIn makeover is a redesigned version of,
among other things, Company Pages. This new version of Company Pages is a continuation of the site-wide redesign of LinkedIn simplifying LinkedIn’s pillar products and creating streamlined experiences across all devices. The new Company Pages are designed to encourage interaction and engagement with the LinkedIn members.

Here’s how Dentists and Dental offices can take advantage of the redesign of LinkedIn Company Pages:

If you currently don’t have a LinkedIn page you’ll need to create one, its fast and simple to do. And it gives your practice another avenue to connect with working professionals.

Dental Marketing on LinkedIn Tip #1. Create a custom header.

The new Company Pages have a sleek design and cleaner navigation based on feedback from LinkedIn members. You now have to ability to extend your brand by adding your corporate logo and a custom header at the top of your Company Page. The custom header is 646 x 220-pixels giving you plenty of room to promote your dental practice. The new Company Pages also have a more prominent Follow button making it easier to grow your LinkedIn community.

Dental Marketing on LinkedIn Tip #2. Include more information.

Dental Practice Marketing on LinkedIn


The Updates section of the new Company Pages is longer, allowing visitors to your page to learn more about your company without having to scroll to the bottom and click on the See All Activity link. In the past, Updates were limited to just a few of the most recent posts and it was
Dental Marketing on Linkedindifficult for visitors to view older updates. The new design is also more engaging making it easier for visitors to Comment on posts. In the past, you had to click on the Comment link which opened a new comment window. Now the comment window is prominently displayed under each news item.

Dental Marketing on LinkedIn Tip #3. Promote your products and services.

One of the biggest changes in the Company Page redesign is moving the Products and Services tab from the navigation bar to the right sidebar. This change lets you prominently feature products and services above-the-fold on the home page instead of being hidden on an internal page. This change will give your products and services significantly more exposure to your LinkedIn community and encourage more interaction with your brand.

We will continue to see additional updates to that make the site more engaging and interactive as they gather feedback from members. LinkedIn is growing rapidly and attracting your target audience. It’s important for you to update your Company Page frequently to grow your LinkedIn Community and build a long-term relationship with your current customers.

What other tips do yo have for dental practices to use LinkedIn effectively? Tell us about them in the comments!