Your dental Halloween marketing strategies boost your active patient counts—long after the trick-or-treating ends! Combat the sugar overload with some tooth-friendly tricks and treats of your own, so you can conjure up a full schedule this season.

Dental Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program

One of the most popular events for dental practices to host is a Halloween candy buy-back program. Parents will appreciate you taking some of that sugary candy off their kids’ hands, knowing it’s going to a good cause. Run your candy buy-back program for at least a week after Halloween to give everyone a chance to participate.

The typical going rate for candy is $1 per pound. Once you’ve collected all the loot, pack it up and ship it to our troops so they can enjoy a little taste of home.

Put a Spirited Twist on Recall Cards

Switch out your standard recall cards, supply bags, toothbrushes and other giveaways for Halloween-themed ones. Our Supply Bags were practically made for Halloween: they come in an array of adorable Halloween designs and they can be personalized with your practice information, which makes them perfect to use for trick-or-treating. Everyone on the block will see who really treats their patients right all year!

A Fun Alternative to Candy

Kids will have more than enough candy this season, so don’t feel obligated to contribute to the sugar rush. Instead, give out toothbrushes or lip balm. You can turn them into Halloween treats with this super cute and easy craft.

Show Off Those Costumes

Encourage your staff to dress up in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Be sure to take photos to post on your social media accounts, and ask your patients to wear costumes to their appointments as well. Here’s a great idea on how to get maximum participation even outside of the office.

It’s All Fun and Games

Fill a jar with candy corn, provide a pen and blank pieces of paper, and ask patients to guess how many “witch’s teeth” are in the jar. Prizes don’t have to be dental-related. Give away a pair of movie tickets, an iTunes gift card or certificate to a family-friendly restaurant.

We hope these tips inspire you to have a little fun this Halloween and take advantage of the opportunity to really connect with your patients. What dental Halloween marketing strategies are you planning to leverage this year?