What sets your dental practice apart from the rest? Maybe you’re known for gentle dental care or for your spa-like atmosphere. Now ask yourself, does your current dental clinic logo design convey that? If not, here’s how a Custom Logo can help build your dental practice’s brand.


Your logo is your brand ambassador. If it doesn’t represent your unique practice to your ideal patients, it’s time for a Custom Logo.

With a Custom Logo, you can ensure your dental clinic logo design sends the right message to the right people. Showcase your practice personality, values, location and more with an exclusive, standout logo design. With SmartPractice, you can open the door to more practice exposure by easily adding your logo to every patient communication and promotional product you use.

While the thought of coming up with a solid Custom Logo design may seem daunting—these three tips can help you define your vision.

  1. Make sure your Custom Logo represents your unique services. Perhaps you’re a sleep apnea specialist or you offer emergency services. Extended hours, laser or comfort dentistry, etc., are also aspects that you can show in your logo or tagline.
  2. Your logo should reflect what you want your ideal patients to feel. Think about what would appeal to your ideal patient demographic and imagine how they’ll respond to your logo. For instance, bright, bold colors and graphics are ideal for kids, while a cosmetic dentistry clinic favors a more understated color palette with sleeker design elements.
  3. Consider local landmarks to attract patients in your area with your Custom Dental Clinic Logo. It could be a mountain range, popular lake or the city skyline. If it’s recognizable, consider incorporating a silhouette of it in your logo. This can communicate a strong presence in your hometown.

Of course, there’s much to consider when envisioning your Custom Dental Clinic Logo design. Rest assured, our design team will keep all those in mind when designing yours.

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Are you ready to create a unique identity and reinforce your practice brand? We offer several different logo packages to suit any budget. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have full ownership of your logo, which you can use on hundreds of custom-branded items such as:

  •         Magnets
  •         Appointment Cards
  •         Recall Cards
  •         Presentation Folders
  •         Social Media Profiles

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