Many dental practices recommend hundreds of treatment plans a month, but several of them go unscheduled for various reasons. Not only can this be bad for the health of your patients, but it negatively impacts your practice’s profitability.

Automated reminders - schedule treatments

Automated reminders – schedule treatments

That’s why PracticeMojo offers automated reminders for unscheduled treatment plans. The automated reminders make it easier for your practice to reach 100% of patients with outstanding treatments to gently encourage them to contact your practice and schedule their appointment. It’s just another way PracticeMojo ensures that no patient falls through the cracks.

Also, PracticeMojo doesn’t believe in setup fees or offer contracts – instead, they work hard to earn your business and provide their value and ROI to your practice each and every day. Stuck in a contract? No problem –Ask about PracticeMojo’s Contract Saver option.

Request a demo today to learn more about how PracticeMojo can help keep your schedule full, profitability high, and last-minute cancellations low. Plus, as a thank you for your time, we will send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card after your completed demo!

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