Throughout the many months – or even years – of their orthodontic treatment, you’ve provided your patients with great care.

At the same time, your patients have invested their time and money into achieving their dream smile. And now that it’s time for their brand-new smile reveal, how will you reward them? With a custom teeth whitening kit, of course!

Chances are, once your patients see their new smile, they’ll want to enhance it even further. So why let them purchase an at-home teeth-bleaching kit from the drugstore down the street? Instead, gift them with a Custom Reflection™ Take-Home Whitening Kit, personalized with your practice name and logo.

Your patients will love their newly straight, white smile and boast about the care they received from your orthodontic practice.

Custom teeth whitening kits ensure your patients always have your practice information handy to pass along to friends and family.

Are whitening kits your go-to giveaway for patients who’ve completed their orthodontic treatment? They should be! Here’s why:

  • A bright, white smile can increase self-esteem; take it a step further by giving your patients a whitening kit for an extra boost of confidence.
  • You can control the strength of the bleaching solution based on your patient’s needs with our selection of 10%, 22%, and 35% solutions.
  • Top-quality, custom kits can be exclusive to your practice! Coordinate your team’s look with a kit that matches the personality and professional image of your office. Add your logo, practice information, or photos to really stand out from the crowd.
  • Kits include twice the amount of whitening solution when compared to other national brands. With two extra large syringes containing 5mL each – it’s enough to whiten and still have enough later for touch ups!

How would your patients react to receiving a custom whitening kit upon completion of their treatment?

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