These days, it’s standard practice to give your patients a little something at the end of each dental appointment. While the everyday toothbrush and floss sample is standard—and always a good idea—why not try some unexpected dental promotional products to WOW your patients?

SmartPractice has the hottest new personalized dental promotional items to keep your patients coming back while creating serious ‘dentist envy’ among their friends and family!

We’ve listed the top 5 dental giveaways and fun ideas on how to use them below:

  • Fidget Spinners. Originally intended to relieve anxiety in children, fidget spinners quickly became popular with kids all over the nation. But keeping with the intended purpose, they’re a great solution for easing the anxiety that often accompanies dental visits. Your pediatric dental patients, and let’s face it, some adults too, will love receiving a fidget spinner!
  • Emoticon Kickbags. Emojis have taken over the world and for good reason. There’s one for nearly every mood or expression and that goes for these cute little poppers, too. Your young patients will have fun endlessly making them stick and watching them pop!
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Lip Balm. Spring festivals and summer outings are just around the corner and who doesn’t need lip balm? You can never have too many! Your patients will appreciate having an extra one for their purse or gym bag. And when you personalize them with your practice information and logo, your name is always on the their lips.
  • Round Bead Therapy. These aqua gel bead therapy packs are both microwave and freezer safe. Be sure to include one of these in an extra special goodie bag after patients have had extractions or other procedures that might leave their mouth sore.
  • Santa Cruz MGC Pen. With the metallic colors, chrome accents and Glide-Write™ ink, these pens are highly-coveted among pen aficionados! These are great to have on hand at the reception desk or to give away at community events.

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What dental promotional products are your patient favorites? Looking for something you don’t see online? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try our best to get it for you!