SmartPractice is happen to announced that our partner, PracticeMojo, recently announced a new feature that enables customers to text their patients on demand. Text on demand allows dental offices to fill costly gaps in their schedule as well as stay connected with their patients, all at the click of a button.

After much feedback from our customers we are very proud to release text on demand to our customers. We believe text on demand as well as many other new features we’re currently working on will only further help dental practices fill their schedule and increase production

Dental Marketing with Text on Demand

Your modern dental office faces many challenges day in and day out. Holes in your schedule can cost you more than just the missed appointment itself. Missed appointments add up to much more when you factor in office staff not working, as well as the opportunity to fill that time slot with another patient appointment. PracticeMojos text on demand feature was designed to give dental practices quick access to text patients in need of same day or emergency care appointments. These appointments help your dental office by reducing no-shows and be helping to fill your schedule on a daily basis, but it also does so much more.

PracticeMojos text on demand feature is also the answer to staying connected with patients. As patients confirm or change appointments via text or email, users can reply directly to patients phone or email inbox. Staying connecting with patients via the technology they already use is key to building open and successful dialogue and relationships.

PracticeMojo text on demand feature is currently available for all PracticeMojo customers. Visit your PracticeMojo dashboard to learn more. Dental practices interested in learning more about PracticeMojo text on demand or plans and pricing should visit or call 800.556.2580 for a free no-obligation 10 minute demo.

About PracticeMojo

PracticeMojo is backed by over 40 years of dental marketing expertise. It’s designed to bring dental practices a simple, inexpensive option that not only assists with patient communication, but revolutionizes the way they market their practices to current and prospective patients, all while saving time, money and stress.