For the ninth year in a row, SmartPractice has been named one of The Valley’s Healthiest Employers

Old Photo, New Award :)

Every year the Phoenix Business Journal recognizes companies in The Valley who are dedicated to improving the health of their employees. SmartPractice, along with 13 other companies, were honored in the Small Company division.

“Culture determines the success (or failure) of today’s wellness programs. And, leadership plays a critical role in affecting an organizations approach to programming. Healthy employees are more productive and spend less in healthcare. Understanding the specific needs of your employee population and measuring results is essential.” – Phoenix Business Journal

The Valley's Healthiest Employers 2020

The virtual event where SmartPractice was named one of They Valley’s Healthiest Employers.

SmartPractice is proud that our wellness program is not just a program offered to employees but is truly a part of our culture and how we define ourselves as an organization.

Workers today want more than just compensation. Oftentimes the non-monetary components are what elevate a typical workplace to an extraordinary home away from home; one that employees want to come to every day. Employees at SmartPractice earn more than just a paycheck. They also have pride in where they work because the organization they are a vital part of is repeatedly commended for achieving and maintaining an atmosphere that promotes wellness, cooperation and community reinvestment.