SmartPractice Zoo ClubEarlier this month we shared tips with you on how to make your practice more kid-friendly and talked briefly about ways to incorporate stuffed animals into kids’ appointments. But you can take your kid-friendliness to the next level with Sqwiggly® ZOO Club.

Although it takes a bit of effort on your part to really get kids excited about oral care and visiting the dentist, here at SmartPractice® we are determined to make it easy for you! There are many different ways to implement ZOO Club into your practice. Let us show you how!

Have a “What’s My Name?” Contest

Let kids come up with fun names for these adorable animals and enter them into a drawing. The New Member Kit comes with everything you need for this. You can set up a small table near the reception desk – drawing attention to it with the colorful poster included in the kit – and top it with entry forms, a contest box and a table topper that explains how ZOO Club works. At the end of the quarter, go through the entries to pick the best name submitted and award that patient with one of the amimals. Pair it with an adoption certificate to make it extra special and don’t forget to announce the winner on your practice Facebook page. You can even share a photo of the child posing with the dentist or staff. It’s a great way to spread the word about the fun that goes on in your practice!

Create a “No-Cavity Club” within Your Practice

Encourage kids to take extra care of their teeth so they can become a member of the No-Cavity Club. Everytime they visit, reward them with ZOO Club stickers and coloring sheets (also included in the kit). Then enter their name into a drawing for one of the animals, whether it’s Mama or one of her babies, and draw a new winner every quarter. Again, be sure to share this on your Facebook page so everyone gets excited about joining the club.

Help Patients Feel More at Ease

Younger kids can be wary of dental visits and, really, who can blame them? They’re in a new environment with strange people, surrounded by machines that make weird noises and now you want to put that in their mouth? No way! Providing a cuddly animal can help alleviate some of that hesitation. Let tiny tots know that at one time, this baby animal was scared of having his teeth cleaned too, but now he’s big and brave and will be there for them the whole time to provide comfort. Kids can hug and squeeze them tightly while they receive their treatment, making things easier for everyone involved.

Not Ready to Make a Commitment to the Club?

Not to worry! You can buy just one, or as many sets of animals anytime you’d like. We have so many to choose from, such as ducks, sheep, turtles, dolphins and more. The only thing difficult about ordering will be which ones to choose!

When you generate a buzz specifically aimed toward the little ones of your practice, not only do dental visits become something for kids to look forward to, you’re also sending the message that they are valued and an important part of your practice. Parents will appreciate that aspect even more than their kids will!

How can you utilize the ZOO Club in your office? Share with us in the comment section!