As a veterinary professional, you’re constantly looking for new ways to stand out and attract new clients and retain the ones you already have. One way to do this is by investing in and utilizing personalized veterinary supply bags. Veterinary supply bags are practical for carrying goodies, purchases, samples and more—all while increasing awareness to your practice name and brand. 

The Importance of Personalized Veterinary Supply Bags

Veterinary Supply Bags are an everyday must-have that give you convenient, unexpected ways to reward clients—all while boosting their loyalty.

Not only do they make your veterinary practice look more professional and established, but they also help to market your practice and promote your services.

Supply bags help build brand recognition for your veterinary practice. When people see your logo on a bag, they’ll automatically associate it with your practice. This can help you attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back.

Personalized veterinary supply bags are also great for promoting all your practice has to offer in one convenient spot. You can promote special offers, list new services, include a coupon or just let people know what your practice is all about by having it printed directly on the bag! 

Choose the Right Veterinary Medical Supply Bags for Your Practice

It’s important to choose the right personalized veterinary supply bags for your veterinary practice. After all, you want to make a good first impression on your clients, and what better way to do that than with a fun and functional bag?

There are a few things to think about when selecting a veterinary supply bag for your practice:

  1. Consider your budget
  2. Think about the type of practice you have and your needs
  3. Choose a bag that is practical and reflects your brand

In addition to the three tips above, it might be beneficial to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your practice values? Is something such as sustainability important to you? If so, a bag made of eco-friendly material might be right for you.
  • Do you carry large products for purchase? Larger bags or those with a gusset will work best for holding items such as bags of pet food or even large giveaways.
  • What is your practice volume? Large or small, your volume plays an important role in choosing a bag that’s right for you.

Not every veterinary supply bag is the same, but SmartPractice offers a wide selection of bags to fit your practice needs at affordable prices. Plus, personalization is always free!

Effective Branding for Your Veterinary Clinic

Don’t let your veterinary supply bags get lost in the crowd! Personalized veterinary supply bags can be a powerful branding tool for your practice. 

Even if you choose a fun, colorful and/or festive design for your bags, be sure to still make it your own with personalization. Always include your practice logo and contact information on your bags. This way you are building brand awareness and attracting potential new clients wherever the bags travel.

Don’t have a practice logo or need a logo refresh? Let the SmartPractice Design Team help you! Check out the Veterinary Logo Library or create your own custom logo!

Another way to stand out: customize your bags! Your clients have seen more than their fair share of veterinary supply bags. Make yours stand out by creating a Custom Supply Bag just for your practice. Every bag can feature your logo, brand colors, and/or images of your staff to compel prospective clients to connect with your practice.

Different Types of Veterinary Supply Bags

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of personalized veterinary supply bags, let’s take a look at some of the different types that are available. For example, there are bags that are perfect for small animal clinics, large animal clinics or even mixed animal clinics. And if you’re looking for something a little more specialized, you can also find customizable bags. 

With more choices, there is a Supply Bag for everyone. SmartPractice offers a wide range of formats, materials and sizes that will fit your practice’s needs. Choosing a veterinary supply bag is very easy. Pick the bag material, choose a design or customize your own, and then select the size that works best for your needs.

No matter your choice, SmartPractice always guarantees:

  • Durable and reusable bags
  • Bags made from recyclable materials
  • FREE Personalization
  • Fast turnaround time (5-7) days
  • Bags made in the USA
  • Everyday low prices
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Team

Veterinary Plastic Supply Bags – An easy and affordable way to send clients home with pet supplies, educational materials and product purchases. Sturdy and reusable, they will make your name visible to potential referrals. Available in a wide selection of full-color designs or customize your own!

Plastic Supply Bags

Veterinary Paper Supply Bags – Not into using plastic? Try Paper Supply Bags! The same great features as plastic supply bags but are made of recyclable paper. And the same price as plastic bags.

Paper Supply Bags

Veterinary Pharmacy Bags – Protect client privacy by sending medications and supplements home in a pharmacy bag that features your practice information. Also great for holding product samples and brochures.

Pharmacy Bag

Gusseted Plastic Bags – Perfect for sending home large giveaways or pet purchases such as dog or cat food. The bottom gusset provides stability so bags can be stood and filled more easily. Available in white or clear plastic.

Custom Paper or Plastic Supply Bags – Why not go all out and create a bag that is fully tailored to your practice? Our Custom Design Team can create a bag that features your logo, branding elements, color schemes, offers and more on a wide variety of formats. Choose from 1-color paper pharmacy bags and clear plastic bags to full-color, 4-sided paper handled shopper bags and kraft pouches. The possibilities are endless!

EcoSolution Plastic Bags – For environmentally conscious practices, these bags are designed so that they biodegrade naturally, even in landfills. Still feels, looks and acts like a plastic bag because it is!

EcoSolution Plastic Bag

Paper Handled Shoppers – A paper bag that is great for holding bulky client giveaways and purchases. These are made from 100% recycled paper (with a minimum of 40% recycled post-consumer content) with matching twisted paper handles. Available in brown or white kraft paper.Natural Handled Shopper

View the wide selection of Veterinary Supply Bags at

5 Ways to Effectively Use Personalized Veterinary Supply Bags

When thinking of veterinary practice marketing ideas, don’t underestimate the power of personalized veterinary supply bags. They can be very useful tools for practice growth, client retention and brand awareness.

  1. Personalized Veterinary Supply Bags are great tools to use in your practice. Use bags to hold client medications, supplements, purchases, product samples, brochures and more. Put together new client goodie bags to hand out to each new client after their first appointment.
  2. Take your bags on the road! Hand out your personalized veterinary supply bags at community events, trade shows, pop-up clinics, etc. to increase brand awareness. This is a great way to attract new clients.
  3. Need a gift bag during the holidays? Personalized veterinary supply bags make great gift bags! Use them to hand out gifts to clients, colleagues, referring clients or practices and local animal shelters to share your gratitude.
  4. Spinning your wheels figuring out how to appeal to new prospects? Add a coupon or referral request. No, not in the bag—ON the bag! Keep offers front and center to motivate new patients and clients to give you a try, without wasting your time and money on printing separate coupons. When you alternate coupons with referral requests, you give yourself two high ROI ways to get more clients in your door.
  5. Same-old bag stuffers can go unnoticed. Mix things up to keep clients and their pet parents delighted in your service. Aside from samples, purchases or prescriptions, throw in some veterinary promotional items as giveaways so your clients really feel valued. Leads, Pet toothbrushes and Magnets are practical and fun. Personalize all these items with practice information to further boost brand awareness!

Make the Most Out of Personalized Veterinary Supply Bags at Your Practice

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition, personalized veterinary supply bags are the way to go. When you order personalized veterinary supply bags from SmartPractice, marketing and design experts will work with you to create a design that perfectly reflects your brand identity. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect bags for your clinic! Call 800.522.0800 or visit to get started.