You’ve been invited to join the first-ever SmartPractice Healthier Practices Wellness Initiative, where all year you can better focus on wellness for your practice, team, patients and clients.
Each quarter, you will focus on a different wellness topic. The fourth and final topic is Financial Wellness.
Financial wellness, put simply, is the ability to have a healthy financial life. It means your debts are payable and you have ample emergency, college and retirement funds. You’re well prepared to handle any financial crisis.
In short, financial wellness is also about feeling good about your financial health now and in the future.
Focusing on financial well-being lets you assert your own path to financial security. Of course, you may achieve wealth through the process, but the spotlight remains on you, your financial needs, and the unique actions you take.
Financial Fun Challenge
This challenge is designed to encourage you to evaluate how you spend your money and whether or not it is beneficial for you.

Practice checking your financial wellness by participating in each daily task. Share it with us, your team and patients/clients to hold yourself accountable.

Encourage your team/staff to join in for the week and even create a friendly office competition! Also, share on your practice’s social media pages inviting your patients and clients to join in the challenge too.

Financial Fun Challenge


There are many great resources available to learn more about financial wellness. Below are a few we love:

Share these resources, and any you find on your own, with your team and patients/clients. Include them in your practice newsletter, send an email blast or share on your social media. Also, encourage your practice to research on their own about the importance of financial wellness.