At SmartPractice, we’re here to help you prepare for more veterinary practice growth, year over year. That means giving you the best ROI on every Client Communication, Office Supply, and Promotional Product you buy. And while we’re on the topic of promotional products, Veterinary Magnets are one of the most valuable brand boosters you can get!

Personalized Veterinary Magnets are typically placed in high-visibility areas at home and in the office such as filing cabinets and bulletin boards where your brand will be seen all day, every day. This type of repetitive promotion is what helps build brand awareness. And when you break down the cost per impression, it’s less than a penny—even when you choose the most expensive magnet!

This is your year to enjoy more active clients, and this is how Veterinary Magnets can help.

image shows a calendar personalized with a veterinary name and practice information with watercolor heart and pawprint shapes

1. Leverage Personalized Veterinary Magnets to keep your practice top of mind.

When it comes to keeping your practice name front and center, Veterinary Magnets give you more bang for your buck. Of course, clients love to place them at home on the refrigerator, but they also come in handy at the office, too. They’re ideal for keeping important information within reach, keeping reminders in sight, or just to add some color to an office cubicle. 

Affordable and available in a huge variety of formats to fit every practice and every budget. From standard, no-frills magnets that feature your name and practice information to Die-cut Magnets to Custom Magnets—we have the veterinary magnet to suit your practice needs. 

Let’s take a closer look at magnet formats we carry and how they can help keep clients coming back to your practice and provide an opportunity for referrals. 

  • Calendar Magnets. At the start of each new year, everyone needs a new calendar. So why not make sure your clients have one that features YOUR practice name and logo? Calendar Magnets are placed in high-traffic areas and will be viewed daily. Include one in your seasonal mailings as a way to say happy holidays and thank clients for their loyalty.
  • Die-cut Magnets. Want to really make your veterinary practice stand out? Put your name and information on a die-cut magnet. When your brand is featured on an magnet in the shape of bone or paw, there’s no mistaking what type of service you provide.  
  • Photo Frame Magnets. Clients love to display photos on the fridge and Photo Frame Magnets give them a way to display them with flair. The center portion of the magnet has your practice info on it and is removed to become a business card. The outer portion becomes a frame to hold up your clients’ photo. It’s like getting two magnets for the price of one!
  • Custom Magnets. When you want a one-of-a-kind design to perfectly match your brand, Custom Magnets are the way to go. Our talented design team can use your art or photo to create a magnet that is unique to your practice. Featuring your practice’s color scheme, logo, and overall aesthetic, Custom Magnets will set you apart from any other veterinary practice in the market. 

2. Boost your active client counts with Veterinary Magnets.

Because of the visibility they get, magnets open the door to referral opportunities and serve as a daily reminder to your clients. 

Whether it’s time to make an appointment for their pets’ annual exam or if they need to schedule a more urgent appointment for their pet, your clients will appreciate having your information right at their fingertips.  

This also makes it easier for clients to pass along your information to family, friends, or neighbors looking for a great veterinarian in your area.

3. Mail and hand out Veterinary Magnets to create affordable, year round practice exposure.

Every client loves a magnet. These marketing must-haves display your practice information where it will be seen the most—inspiring more return visits and referrals.

  • Include a magnet in each holiday card. There’s no better time than the holidays to thank clients and colleagues for their loyalty and referrals. Include one in each holiday greeting as a small token of appreciation. You can also slip them into invoices or Welcome, Thank You, or Birthday Cards throughout the year.
  • Give them away post-appointment. Keep a supply of personalized veterinary magnets on hand to give to every client at the end of their pets’ visit. This ensures they’ll have your information handy when they need to schedule their furry friends’ next appointment.
  • Hand Magnets out at events. Participating in community events is a great way to introduce yourself to residents in your area. Giveaways at events are a must if you want to boost brand awareness, and because magnets are so cost-effective, you can afford to order more than enough to be generous with! The return on this investment just can’t be beat.

When implemented into your veterinary marketing strategy, these 3 tips can help you kick start your practice growth. We look forward to helping you build and maintain a successful veterinary practice in the coming year!

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image shows a paw shaped magnet that's personalized with a veterinary practice name and contact information