Did you know that Direct Mail Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to engage patients and clients? According to recent data published by MarketingSherpa on SmallBusinessTrends.com, recipients open 80-90% of Direct Mail and 56% of respondents consider it “to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.”

Direct Mail Marketing helps build loyalty and fill your schedule.

In addition to improving your visibility, Direct Mail Marketing opens the door to valuable relationships with your patients and clients. Your ROI depends on targeting the right audience with a personal, relevant message on an ongoing basis.

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be!

At SmartPractice, we offer FREE marketing consultations to help you figure out the best Direct Mail Marketing solutions to meet your practice growth needs. Here’s some complimentary guidance we love to give our customers so they get the most out of their mailings.

3 Proven Direct Mail Marketing tips for MORE practice growth.

1. Automate your Direct Mail Marketing to build consistency—and save time and money!

Between newsletters, new patient promotions, practice updates, referral program and more—it can be challenging to know what to send to whom and when. The key is setting up an automated mailing system. Consider setting up a seasonal newsletter, a quarterly review and referral request, or a discounted checkup every holiday season.

Our on-site Printing and Mailing Services lets us print and mail what you need on a schedule that works best for you and your target market. The best part? You spend less time and money than you would if you sent your mailings on your own!

2. The more you customize your mailings, the better your ROI.

It’s not just about mailing consistently. It’s about regularly mailing valuable information and offerings that are unique to your practice. Include personal touches like your branding, office photos, special offers and office updates on every mailing to create more engagement.

Rest assured knowing that we can help you figure out the exact demographic, design, and messaging that will help you fill schedules. Ask us how we can help you custom-tailor Direct Mail Marketing campaigns to your practice growth goals.

3. Reach out to your new movers often.

New residents in your area are a potential goldmine of new patients and clients! Consistently targeting new movers through Direct Mail Marketing also helps to offset holes in your schedule from relocation, insurance changes and other life events that affect your target market.

Be sure to target a list of qualified prospects on a monthly basis within 60 days of their move-in date for the best ROI. We can support you with New Mover Marketing Plans that target your specific goals and budget. All include a:

  • custom-designed mailer
  • 2 hours of graphic design
  • qualified mailing list
  • call tracking report

This ensures that you are  engaging potential patients and clients in the most effective way.

Use the three Direct Mail Marketing Tips above on a consistent basis to help grow your practice through enhanced trustworthiness, loyalty, and new patient attraction. Remember: you’re never alone when it comes to reaching your practice marketing goals! We’re here to give you proven tips and guidance to boost your practice growth.

Do you want to learn more about how Direct Mail Marketing can help drive practice growth? Schedule your complimentary marketing consultation with one of our practice marketing experts today.

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