While moving can mean new opportunities and a wonderful new house, it also means stress and a hectic week or two of planning and coordinating.  Often, movers do not stop to think that living in a new area also means having to find a new dentist.  It isn’t until after things have settled that a new mover starts the search for dentists, grocery stores and everything else they need.  So now what?  In marketing terms, new movers are the perfect, high value prospects to target with dental postcards and direct mail since they are receptive to finding a new dentist.  It’s up to your practice to reach out to new movers in your area as soon as possible to let them know where your practice is located, what you have to offer and why they should choose you.  Plus, the numbers of new movers are quite impressive. There’s an estimated 42 million address changes per year.  Thats alot of potential new patients.

Incorporating new mover mailers into your marketing mix can be a huge opportunity for any practice to convert families new to the area into loyal patients.  Here are some quick tips to getting started on your New Mover Mailer

  • Choose a list of roughly 5-25 miles around your office.  The company/service you choose should help you in targeting a list of new movers.
  • Repetition leads to higher response rates, so plan on 3 dental postcards to each recipient.
  • Put in the time to create a customized postcard that helps you stand out, avoid choosing a default template and message.
  • Choose a great headline and messaging to grab your readers attention and pull them into the message and body of your card.
  • Including offers or promotions help convert readers into patients.  Make sure your offer stands out among any potential competitors offers.

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